Hello microgreen lover!

The microgreens have been growing happily along. But… as I looked closely at the leaves today… I realized… 3 trays of broccoli- are actually red mizuna mustard… the seeds look exactly the same. And I have been reorganizing and moving everything around now that the markets have ended. So I must have not looked closely enough and planted a festival of mustard!!! So now I have one tray of Yellow Mustard and 3 of the lovely, delicate mizuna- and no broccoli. I also will have some sunflower shoots as well as the usual pea, radish and mellow mix.

I have been canning new things and doing taste testing. There are a few things listed below that are ready for release! It's a great time to start collecting them for xmas gifts. And I have launched a new reuse program to take back the canning jars and give you a bonus for doing so!

Thank you for supporting small local business. We really appreciate you.

Yours in green,
Sarah Skinner
Glasshouse Greens