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Take It Easy

Take it easy. It’s a wonderful song by The Eagles. I’ve been playing their music a lot this past week in memory of Glenn Frey.

But taking it easy can be difficult at the end of January, especially when you live in the northern hemisphere. The darkness, the cold, the ice and snow (hi, Jonas!), and did I mention the cold? I do like seasons, but the constant change in weather plays havoc with my joints and fibromyalgia. I’m trying to practice self-care to get me through it, and I hope you do, too.

Be good to yourself.

Glenn Frey, RA, and Mortality Risk
Last week, the world reeled when hearing of Glenn Frey’s death from complications of RA and other medical conditions. The news hit the RA community especially hard, and there was a lot of anxious talk about the mortality risks associated with this disease. How do you live well with RA when you know the disease has a mortality risk? I wrote about that for my blog The Seated View. You may also want to read the column I wrote for HealthCentral about how I, as someone who lives with RA, reacted to Glenn Frey’s death.

I also want to touch on the issue of RA meds. Irving Azoff, Mr. Frey’s Manager, claimed that it was the medications that were the cause of death. In my opinion, this was an unnecessary muddying of the waters. RA meds can, like all other medications, have potentially serious side effects. We take them because untreated RA has very definite serious effects. It’s important to remember that even if the medications contributed to his medical situation, it was RA that necessitated him taking them. Therefore, as Rick Phillips said in his letter to Mr. Azoff, RA was most definitely the cause of death.
Book Two Hits a Snag
Writing is a funny business. It takes a certain level of delusion to sit down by your computer and decide to write the thousands of words it takes to finish a book. And it just gets worse after that. It took a while, but I eventually realized that my plan to finish two rewrites in time for New Year’s might have overestimated my ability. Or underestimated how many hours there are in a day (39, right?). More on what happened next, and the adapted plan for the book in Book Two in Progress: in Which There Is a Snag.
How to Train Your Doctor
Seeing a new doctor is stressful. What will they be like? Will you get your questions answered? Will you be able to work with them? How to Train Your Rheumatologist in Six Easy Steps is a tongue-in-cheek look  at what you can do to create a good foundation for a productive relationship with your new doctor.
In Other News
I was absolutely thrilled to bits when The Mighty asked if they could run my post about the “Why Me?” question we all ask at one point or another in our life with chronic illness. It was a great way to start the year!
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Wishing you joy.
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