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Hey friends!

I got a pretty huge response from my last email about LEAD. (As in, the toxic heavy metal.)

Funny enough, most of the questions I got were about lead contamination in...makeup.

Most of us, even though we know better, use "conventional" makeup brands (think MAC, Esteé Lauder, Clinique, etc.) because we feel like it works best. Sadly, it might not be safe.

I'll make this SUPER quick. Here's what you need to know about choosing safer makeup: 


  • For makeup truly derived from nature (think rose petals and beetroot), try Primal Colors.
  • For makeup derived from natural compounds (think rice starch), try 100 Percent Pure.
  • For makeup that is more traditional yet high-performance (think date nights & weddings) that has actually screened its ingredients for safety, try Beautycounter. (Today only - free makeup brush with concealer purchase!)

In my last email, I revealed (among other things) that there are NO regulations around dangerous heavy metals in makeup. Many of the popular brands have been independently tested to be CONTAMINATED. 

Of course, they'll never tell you that.

So. Is there even a such thing as "safe" makeup?

Not really. (Sorry.)

That's the truth, though. Even popular "mineral makeup" can be high in heavy metalsAnd it's not because the companies are evil or lying, necessarily; some of those heavy metals are just hitching a ride (the world is FULL of them, sadly) with the raw materials.

The fact is, there's just not enough independent or batch testing to EVER say that a single type of makeup is ALWAYS safe, free of toxic chemicals, or non-irritating. (That is, of course, unless it's made from rose petals!)

And when it comes to the BIGGER "cosmetic giants," we have an even larger problem: most of their makeup is full of untested, sometimes UNLABELED industrial chemicals. This is an example of the more egregious stuff that happens in the (largely unregulated) cosmetics industry.

In fact, I recently found out that the byproducts of coal and steel manufacturing (around which workers must wear masks to protect themselves from toxic heavy metal exposure) are actually SOLD OFF TO THE COSMETICS INDUSTRY. 

It's clear that choosing the more conventional makeup means taking more risks with our health and our skin.

But we don't have to take the BIG risks. Which is why I recommend the products I do.

Thanks for reading!

PS: Today only, Beautycounter is doing a "Makeup Monday" promo - free brush with purchase of their excellent concealer. 

You can also get a free Rose Neroli oil with qualifying purchase!

Beautycounter is a bit more aligned, performance-wise, with conventional makeup. 
It functions like the makeup most of us are used to using. Their ingredients are far from beetroot and tomato powder, but on the plus side, I do consider their makeup to be SAFER, and better performing, than any other conventional brand by far (they use the Environmental Working Group's standards to screen each ingredient).

Additionally, their makeup colors are third-party tested for heavy metals, and the company is extremely transparent about what they're doing and what they're using. For this reason, I have started recommending Beautycounter to my Purely Primal Skincare community.

I don't use their non-makeup products because I prefer more natural, simple options; but I know makeup can be a bit of a "guilty pleasure" for many people - including me. 

Beautycounter's overall approach is admirable and their foundation, concealer, and setting powder are excellent. 

They have a promotion going on 
today only - they call it "Makeup Monday!" - PLUS a free Rose Neroli body oil with qualifying purchase. 

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