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Today I'd like to tell you why I think YOU should blog. 

(And if you're blogging already, here's why I think that's awesome!)

Ahh, yes. Blogging. That honorable past-time that rivals philanthropy, philosophy, and phycology in its contribution to society. (Yes, I said phycology.)

I've gotten the blank stare, the polite mmm-hmmm, and even the blatant eye-roll when I've told folks with a passion for real food, healthy living, and basically anything else - from gardening to car repair to analyzing the best Nic Cage movies of all time (put the bunny. back in the box) that they should start a BLOG about it.

And look: if you don't have any desire to put your thoughts about Con Air on the interwebs, that's fine by me. But if you keep from sharing your passions with others because you don't think they matter, or you don't think anybody cares, I'm here to tell you that you're WRONG.

Somebody cares. And, more importantly, what blogging can do for YOU is beyond even the power generated by a Cage-Malkovich collaboration. Blogging - or, the new-fangled way to "put pen to paper" - is not just a way to blather about your own interests in this crazy internet vacuum we're all stuck inside. 

It's also an exercise that'll help you figure out how to make something you're passionate about into a larger, more rewarding part of your life. It's a way to communicate with people who share your passions (it's probably THE way to communicate - this is how we socialize now, after all). #neverleavethehouse 

I know I'm not the only one who has been touched, changed, or uplifted by someone else's words on the WWW. (Of course, we can be angered and dismayed by much of what we read on the web as well, but why not contribute to the greater GOOD rather than the greater black hole?)

We have all been touched by a blog. (Sounds naughty. But it's true.)

Even more so, if you're like me, blogging can go from helping you shape interests into passions to helping you shape a livelihood around those passions.

If I'd never started blogging years ago, I never would have realized that an interest in healthy eating was actually an unrelenting passion for real food, food freedom, and food myth busting. 

I would not have become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I would not have written my book (or recorded the audiobook!) which landed on the Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists.

I would have continued on a career path I didn't love WITHOUT ever realizing that there was something else out there that I was pretty darn good at.

Most importantly, if I'd never started blogging, I would have continued to treat my body and soul poorly. I would have continued dieting and judging myself and bouncing from Diet to Diet without ever finding health.

That's not to say blogging will have this effect on everyone. But perhaps it will have this impact on you, or maybe you know someone who'll see it the same way.

It doesn't matter whether you have two readers or two thousand. It matters that you're exploring your own brain, the potential behind your own interests, and the way your passion can grow into something you're proud of (and sometimes, even paid for).

Before I had a single reader, I was working through many of the thoughts, issues, concerns and and interests I had through the simple act of talkin' about it publicly, in writing. (Rooftop-shouting was nowhere near as effective.)

Sometimes, I didn't even write about food or health. I wrote posts like "Paul Rudd: The Thinking Woman's Colin Farrell" and "He Shed Himself!"

(Don't ask. And don't look for those posts, either.)

From a practical perspective, writing - no matter how much ya hate it - is a way to develop your own thoughts. I swear it works better than any personality or career or "strengths" test.

Sometimes, interests you didn't even know you had come to fruition just by the act of writing for whomever might happen upon your words.

Communities are formed. Notions evolve into motivations. 

The words don't have to be perfect. They just have to represent effort

Now, some frank talk about being internet savvy: if this is all sounding pretty durn good to you, and you know deep down that you have something to say, before you begin, I want you to be smart.

You don't need to put your entire life story on the internet. You don't even have to use your picture or your name, until you think it's time (for years, I had a cartoon cave girl as my mascot).

In fact, it's probably best to be slightly anonymous and only reveal the parts of yourself that you're ready to send out into the world.

Because, even as you reap the rewards of blogging, connecting and learning more about yourself, you have to remember: you can't get those words back. 

Translation: this isn't a reckless exercise in shouting out your thoughts to the interwebs. It's a thoughtful way to exercise your mind, knowing that you might not be the only one listening. It's not a journal. It's a targeted attempt to carve out your niche.

Does that all sound nerdy? Good. The best things feel nerdy at first. Like love. And ribbon dancing.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

  1. Write on a regular basis. Even if it's only 5 words at a time, once a week. Even if one of those words is "LOL."
  2. Just kidding. Don't use "LOL."
  3. Use Wordpress. <3
If you have something to say, say it. Believe in it. Try it. Exercise it. If you've been thinking about it, do it. Someone out there needs it.


Did I sway you? Did you start your blog? Let me know on the Facebook page.

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