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And the goats' names are...

Last week, I asked you to help name my goats. They’re clumsy, goofy, funny, needy, slightly dramatic, and all-around a hilariously fun time.

(Now I’m thinking I probably should’ve named them after New Jersey Housewives. Aaah, next time.)

I gave a few choices, including the option to leave your own ideas. The only requirement: I wanted to name them after a famous pair.

(Or, if we added two, a famous foursome - although we may be over-committed enough at this point.)

Your suggestions were hilarious!

The overwhelming conclusion, not surprisingly, was to get two MORE goats and name them all after the Golden Girls: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. I was hoping this crowd favorite would lead my Cave Husband to think adding two more animals to our petting zoo was a fantastic idea. Sadly, we haven’t come to agreement on the topic just yet. 

You all liked Ann Perkins & Leslie Knope almost as much as Daria & Jane. Mary & Rhoda weren’t far behind, and, sadly, Elinor & Marianne were towards the bottom. (Sorry, Jane Austen.)

There were quite a few votes for Laverne & Shirley, Thelma & Louise, Romy & Michelle, and Lucy & Ethel...

Another suggestion for a four-some was the Pink Ladies - Jan, Rizzo, Frenchy and Marty. As a Stockard Channing fan and a total Grease Junkie, this suggestion was, by far, my favorite - however, we have a long-standing personal imperative to one day have a female donkey (a “Jennie”) named Marty. Long story. So that’s on the back-burner too.

We also had the four-some suggestion of Rose, Martha, Donna and Amy, which just proves that I have the most ridiculously awesome readers on the planet, with the most fabulous British inclinations.

(Not coincidentally, Edina & Patsy also got a large percentage of your votes. Have I mentioned that I love you?)

A few of my other favorite suggestions:

  • Arya & Sansa, sisters from my new Vampire Fiction off-season show, Game of Thrones
  • Amy & Tina, as in, Pohler & Fey
  • Summit & Apex (they’re quite the climbers)
  • Betty & Veronica
  • Elana & Katherine
  • Diane & Liz (har!)
  • Chevre and Capra - French & Italian for goat
  • Jess & Cece
  • Leather & Pinky Tuscadero 
  • Toni & Candace
  • Lily & Robin 

And MORE awesome ones including naming them after spices (alas, I’m just not culinarily inclined) and naming them after the Navin R. Johnson - stray dog duo from The Jerk. I can’t spell that out for ya, lest this email get caught in your spam filter.

So after weighing all these amazing options and your feedback, and testing a few names on these little ladies, we’ve decided to go with...

...wait for it...

...Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope!

These were crowd favorites, and they just seem to fit these goofy ladies who are also the best of friends. As much as I adore all the duos (and quattros?) mentioned above, these are the names that really fit.

Plus, I imagine the Parks & Rec theme song every time I head to the barn to let the ladies out for the day. I highly recommend starting one's day like that.

We also hope to one day bring home a livestock guardian dog named Ron Swanson. See? It's perfect.

Of course, Ann Perkins' name will always be said just like this.

Here's to finally calling them something besides late for dinner! (Har.) 


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