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Hey, friends!

Somewhere between putting my 30th quart of homemade gelatin-rich broth in the freezer for nourishing myself after our baby is born and enjoying the gelatin gummies I make as "skincare food" I thought:

Maybe it's time I talk more about the nitty-gritty of this gelatin thing? 

Gelatin is a bit trendy these days - in particular, bone broth, which can be rich in gelatin when prepared properly, has exploded as a kind of "new obsession" in modern life, with bone broth shops and news articles popping up all over the place.

But guess what? Humans have been eating gelatin-rich food like bone broth for hundreds of years. It's not a new trend, but it's sure as heck an effective way to bump up your nutrition and health.

Trend or no trend, when something makes such a huge difference in MY life, it seems wrong for me not to pass along the info I've got.

So here's what I've seen since incorporating rich sources of gelatin into my diet: improvements in

my skin (it's more "filled out"),
my joints (they're...juicier - which is a good thing),
my nails (stronger),
my hair (shinier), and
my digestion (it's smoother)

I also believe increasing the gelatin content of my diet, especially as a component of homemade broth*, bolstered my fertility. (Y'know, because of the whole being knocked up thing. I'll talk about this more in Baby Making and Beyond.)

Lots of people talk about gelatin in the Paleo/Primal/Real Food community, but not everyone really knows why it's so special...or how to use it to affect the changes they want to see.

(Besides my friend Sylvie, of course - more on that in a moment.)

Here's why my friends and colleagues in the Real Food community use gelatin:

  • to heal the gut,
  • to improve skin, hair or nails,
  • to strengthen connective tissue (which can smooth the appearance of cellulite*),
  • to balance cortisol levels to support the adrenals,
  • to prevent premature skin aging,
  • to bolster overall health or fertility (as I did) or
  • to improve joint health 
...Gelatin can be a MAJOR tool for success when used properly.

I credit the amazing resource The Gelatin Secret by my friend and gelatin expert Sylvie for helping me put ALL these pieces together. (Grab a HUGE 30% OFF discount code for TGS, good this week only -  scroll to the bottom of this email for link, code, and more info.)

So, seriously: the question is, how can we best use gelatin and gelatin-containing foods? In particular,

  • How can our bodies best use the COLLAGEN (yes, collagen!) components in gelatin-rich foods?
  • How can we be sure we balance gelatin with the "muscle meats?"
  • How can we make sure our gelatin is from the right sources that provide the full range of nutrients we need?
  • How can we tell if our sources of gelatin are WORKING for us?

If you're not curious about the answers to those questions and you just want to go for it, you can certainly make some homemade broth (also called stock) or gelatin gummies and see where that takes you.

I will caution, you, though - when it comes to pure gelatin supplementation and even going gung-ho on the bone broth, as with anything else, you'll want to start slowly. More isn't always better, and it's not always needed. When starting something new, it's always best to go slow. As a bonus, this'll save you from burnout!

If you'd like to know more (if you'd basically like to know everything) The Gelatin Secret is the resource for you - scroll down for more info and a HUGE discount code, exclusive to my readers, good this week only.

Seriously - NOBODY knows gelatin OR how to use it like the author, Sylvie. I don't need to write the book on it, because she already has. 

That's why I had her on the Balanced Bites podcast, why I share her gelatin expertise with clients and friends alike, and why I think you should consider grabbing The Gelatin Secret RIGHTfreakingNOW if you want the scoop.

(Don't forget to scroll down for the discount code and link.)

Fact is, I can tell you why and how I use gelatin, but it's SUCH a hot topic right now, with so many different applications, that I think it's time we all took a beat to really educate ourselves on what it's good for and how to use it.

Proper use of gelatin is an investment in your health, and I want you to do things properly. I want you to know how to:

  • Properly COOK your gelatin so that the amino acids stay intact
  • Boost HGH production naturally for appetite control and weight loss (for those who need to lose weight for health)
  • How to supplement with pure gelatin and how to get it from whole food sources (which include cofactors for gelatin utilization)
  • Regulate blood sugar and manage sugar cravings with gelatin
The Gelatin Secret has detailed information on all of this and more. Sylvie really nailed it!

Finally, a HUGE limiting factor in how people use gelatin is simple lack of inspiration. I have ONE recipe for gelatin-rich bone broth on my blog. That's it. I'm not a wealth of motivation here.

This is where The Gelatin Secret really shines: RECIPES!

Bored with broth? There are tons of other ways to work in that gelatin. TGS gives us amazing recipes PLUS ways to seamlessly include gelatin in:

  • A natural hair-nourishing treatment
  • Squeezable remineralizing toothpaste 
  • Several different types of broth
  • Braised brussels sprouts with bacon
  • Creamy butternut squash soup
  • Cream of chicken soup
  • Ketchup (Yes, KETCHUP!)
  • Demi-glace and gravy
  • Hibiscus tea and Kombucha "jello" (and "jello" of all kinds!)
  • Gummy treats, including my personal favorite - strawberry cream gummies
  • Dairy-free ice cream and smoothies
  • Custard, pudding and mousse (yep, desserts can be gelatin-rich!)
  • Marshmallows. Yes. Yes, my friend. Marshmallows.

(And, since I'm a nerd, my personal favorite part of TGS is the 7-page, 100-sources-plus reference section. I'm a resource junkie, and this is FAR more than what you'll find in one place anywhere else.)

As you know, I rarely send emails relating so specifically to a product or service. When I do, I do it for a reason. I love broth, gelatin, AND this resource, and I've got good reason to recommend them to you.

I want you to have all the information you need to make this gelatin "trend" (this hundreds-of-years-old trend) work for you.

Whether you're struggling with gut health, skin health, adrenal health or simply nourishing your body, this tool might make a huge difference. It certainly has for me.

Learn more here! And get 30% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY with code REALFOODLIZ. Just enter the code at checkout!

Thanks for reading and subscribing!
*Note that while most people tolerate gelatin well; in particular, bone broth, some individuals, especially those with chronic underlying intolerances and health issues, do not respond well to it (and often additional meat, egg and dairy products). If this is you, DON'T be dismayed! This is just one of many tools for healing, and The Gelatin Secret also gives other non-broth foods that are rich sources of one of gelatin's banner amino acids, glycine.

**cellulite is NORMAL and NOTHING to be ashamed of. But to the degree it's related to the unnecessary breakdown of connective tissue, gelatin may reduce its appearance. I LOVE what my friend/gelatin expert Sylvie McCracken has to say about cellulite in The Gelatin Secret!
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