Parenthood! (gulp)
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Hi there!

I just started a secret Facebook group all about being a mom (gulp)!

Why? Well, I know you've been waiting eagerly for news on Baby Making and Beyond. We're still working on it...

...but while I was plugging away on some of the (amazing) content for BMB, I realized that I've had a TON to share about parenting, nontoxic items, baby favorites, and ideas I've picked up along the way...but no real forum in which to share them!

Since the Real Food Liz Facebook page was created to be MOSTLY about food, I didn't want to overwhelm it with too much baby stuff. I post on Instagram often, but it's hard to share links there.


I thought I'd start a secret Facebook group for those who don't want to miss my tidbits, tips and tricks! 

(And for those who'd like to recommend their own favorites!)

I should specify: you don't have to be a MOM to join this group. Parents, wannabe parents, and the parent-curious are all welcome!

This is an INFORMAL group, so I'll post when I can - but it's not the place to get answers to your in-depth questions.

You'll have to request to join, and I'll be approving requests every week or two. 

It will be geared toward those who want to learn more about

  • my favorite nontoxic necessities,
  • random goodies I find that make life easier,
  • being a Real Food parent, 
  • Aware Parenting,
  • evolutionary parenting practices and the demands of modern parenthood, and
  • my favorite items and resources that I've used and loved in my parenting journey so far. 

If you think you want to join, please read on for a few important details.

  1. NO JUDGMENT in this group. If I share something, it's not to shame you if you do differently. I respect all loving parents, and we all have our own style. 
  2. I'll post when I can (or when I have something to say) but again, this is an INFORMAL, casual group that I'll moderate when I've got time. <3
  3. REMEMBER that my thoughts on parenthood are BY NO MEANS the final word on the topic. It's OK to disagree, do differently, and discard the thoughts and ideas that don't apply to you. You MUST listen to your own head and your own heart for ALL your parenting decisions.
  4. Keep all discussion RESPECTFUL or you'll be removed from the group without warning. SUPPORTIVE COMMENTS, KINDNESS, AND EMPATHY ONLY. Even if a "controversial" topic is brought up. The end.
  5. If I am uncomfortable with a post made by a group member for ANY reason, the post will be deleted without warning.
  6. When added, you must read the group description and "like" it to indicate that you agree and you're cool with it.
  7. You can leave the group at any time.
  8. Not the place to ask for in-depth advice or help with wellness questions.

PS: don't forget to download my FREE special report: My Top 5 Tips for Amazing Health. Share it with someone you love! 

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