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So I'm NOT trying to be hyperbolic when I say "poison." Even though, ya know, I would literally descend into fits of face-punching passion just to make you understand how much I worship a moment of overstated exaggeration. 


This Email Monday is actually anything BUT hyperbolic. It's rooted in some cold, hard realities.

(These might not apply to you, but they DO apply to some! Feel free to FORWARD this email if you think it might help someone.)

Reality #1: Sometimes, as Paleo-fied as we try to be, some of us slip and slide face-first into a "cheat" or a "treat." Like a Little Debbie Snack cake. We might hide it. We might deny it. We might even embrace it or, heck, look forward to it. Fact is, sometimes, it happens. 

The why and the how and the emotional underpinnings DO NOT MATTER. Why-ever or how-ever it happens, sometimes it happens.

And you know what? For most people, it's not a big deal. If the system can tolerate it, if you're happy, and if you feel good, and if you're not having it shoved down your throat (free will!) it's probably all good. And it's definitely nobody else's biz.

We're all working towards a balanced relationship with food. It comes easier to some than to others. But for everyone, it starts with awareness. However "good at Paleo" one strives to be, however punishing or forgiving we are with ourselves, it's important to be AWARE of what's happening as we attempt to progress from point A to point Z.

(There are lots of other letters in-between A and Z. Some of those letters are [L]ittle and [D]ebbie.)

Which brings me to Reality #2: Better our "cheats" and "treats," when they happen, are free of industrial poisons.

What I mean is: there are trans fats in Little Debbie Snack Cakes. 

There's lots of other garbage, too. But what really ticks me off in life are trans fats, which come from PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS. Check out the ingredients label from the Little Debbie Zebra Cake (my old favorite):

The use of trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils is, at best, a lazy F-YOU to the customers of companies that use them. At worst, it's an overt attempt to completely poison you for profit. (Okay, THAT might be hyperbole.)

But the companies that do this are DEFINITELY giving you the bird via their ingredients label. And we're paying for it on the cellular level.

ANY TIME you see "partially hydrogenated oil," think "this is Big Industry giving me the finger while I give them my money."

Trans fats are absolute poison. Poison. Not even a little bit is OK. (^This book'll tell you lots more.) They're poison to the arteries, to our fertility, and to our very cells.

Look, I dig not being super-strict all the time. Most "cheats" and "treats" are NOT poison. But trans fats actually really, truly are. And it ticks me off to think of all the times I "cheated," hiding out in shame for my choices, chowing on a box of industrial crap.

So here's the deal: if you're going to fall face-first into a treat, let it be a GOOD one. Let it be an enjoyable, delicious home-made grain-free baked good like the incredible recipes in ^this book. Or let it be an organic, gluten-free store-bought treat like those from Pamela's (their Pecan Shortbread cookies are my favorite).

Don't hide in the closet with a box of Little Debbie Zebra cakes, wallowing in trans-fat-filled, binge-inducing shame. Enjoy something yummy (heck, share with friends!) with NO shame - and no garbage ingredients.

Just CHECK THOSE LABELS. If you're one of the MANY of us who isn't 100% "perfect" (whatever that means) all the time, just - ya know - don't get poisoned. Look at those labels! You'd be surprised at where trans fats sneak in.

You deserve a treat that deserves YOU.

Thanks for reading - here's to staying trans fat free!

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