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You all sent me some AMAZING blogs to read last week. Rest assured I’m working my way through all of them - and loving what you have to say. Keep blogging!

Email Monday:
Easy summer slaw
(and a coconut milk secret!)

If you know me, you know I’m not a good cook. Or a good maker of edible things. It’s not just the actual cooking that often turns to disaster. It’s also the prepping: slicing, dicing, peeling, chopping - they all give me the willies.

If you saw my “redneck band-aid” photo on my instagram, you’d know why. That photo is a direct result of my thumb’s run-in with a mandoline slicer.

I suppose my fear of all things slice-and-dice is what leads me to purchase - and become totally obsessed with - tools like this “Zoodler” (zucchini noodler, that is). It keeps my hands relatively safe from all sharp elements. 

Recently, I got another obsess-worthy contraption. One I’ve made fun of a thousand times since the infomercials came out a million years ago.

I bought a Salad Shooter. Yep, the as-seen-on-TV kind. And it is the absolute best thing that ever happened to my fingertips, my knuckles, and my scapula (don’t ask). 

The Salad Shooter and the mandoline are the two tools that inspired me to try my hand at summer slaw. While *I* wouldn’t have been able to manage this recipe without them, chances are YOU are perfectly capable of NOT adding a fingertip garnish to your slaw, with or without fancy-schmancy tools. A good knife or a manual grater should be plenty good to make this recipe.

If you DO want to grab the tools, here’s what I use:

Mandoline (for shredding chunks of cabbage and your fingertips): find it here.

Salad Shooter (for making your life amazing and shredding anything and everything EXCEPT your fingertips): find it here.

(Note #1: I order everything from Amazon because of Amazon Prime and the fact that I now live 1.5 hours from the closest Crate & Barrel. Of course, you can find these elsewhere.)

Speaking of obsessions: I FINALLY found canned coconut milk in BPA-free cans WITHOUT xanthan gum, guar gum, or wonky additives! Golden Star Trading coconut milk is amazing, and you can order it!

(Shh...that's our secret. They run out of stock quickly!)

Just look at that beautiful coconut cream...

What makes this recipe fun is the explosion of COLOR from the mix of veggies.


(Note #2: I use a good whack of HONEY in this recipe, along with fruit. [[Gasp - sugar!]] the summer, I tend to gravitate more towards sweet fruits and crispy produce, versus my winter tendency toward the savory. I find this totally acceptable, evolutionarily appropriate, and delicious.) 

Of course, the honey is always raw, unpasteurized, and LOCALLY produced. (Note: honey makes a great skin treatment too!) 

Without further ado...


Easy Summer Slaw
sweet, tangy & serves MANY!



Produce mix: toss together...

-Fresh carrots - shredded (in Salad Shooter)

-1 small head of red cabbage, shredded (with mandoline)

-1 small head of green cabbage, shredded (with mandoline)

-1 tart green apple, large (or 2 small), chopped, shredded or sliced

-1 fresh mango (instead of, or in addition to, apple), chopped, shredded or sliced

-A few beets, if you have ‘em, for fun color. Shred (with Salad Shooter)


Sauce: combine...

-1/2 cup unfiltered apple cider vinegar

-1/2 cup raw, unfiltered honey

-A squeeze of lime juice

-For a little creaminess: a dollop of Golden Star Trading coconut milk (refrigerate for maximum creaminess)!

Toss the sauce with produce mix until coated. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Then, enjoy!

PS: You don’t HAVE to use my proportions for the sauce. To play up the sweetness, use equal parts ACV and honey. It’s up to you whether you want to dial DOWN the sweet or dial UP the tang. Adjust accordingly!

Enjoy! (And if you enjoyed Email Monday, tweet it out by clicking here!)

Here's to FINALLY creating something edible (wink),

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