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"It's a far different thing to look like a cast member of Jersey Shore or a piece of tanned leather than it is to have healthy levels of sun-stimulated vitamin D.

The good news is, the alternative to sunscreen is not frying, fist-pumping on the boardwalk, or getting cancer. It's simply informed, conscientious, responsible sun exposure."

This quote, by far, has been the most popular "EGG-cerpt" I've read from my book, Eat the Yolks, on the Balanced Bites podcast (which I co-host each week).

And now that it's the dead of winter and we're all (or, at least, many of us are) suffering from lack of sleeveless shirts n' sunshine, I thought I'd give a subscribers-only SNEAK PEEK at part of the vitamin D section in Eat the Yolks!

Fact is: our fear of the sun is based on a series of misconceptions that have had severe consequences for our health. 

Vitamin D deficiency diseases, which were all but eradicated from the United States around 80 years ago, are coming back - and there's a reason for that. Cancer is more prevalent than when sunscreen hit the market in the 1960s - and we may have been handling our sun exposure all wrong.

Putting it all in context really, really helps put some sun-based fears to rest.

It's time to think of sun exposure in a different way!

>>Click here to read the sneak peek.<<

The link will expire soon, so don't wait!

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