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A lot's been going on at the Homestead lately. I thought it was time to give a little update!

Our many feathered and furry friends pretty much run the joint, and it's providing entertainment galore. Check out these photos, and what our homestead kiddos are up to.
Our guinea fowl, which are providing natural insect control and endless entertainment, are basically feathered dinosaurs. They're mini, fluffy pterodactyls with naked heads, a stumpy horn (making them more like mini, fluffy unicorn pterodactyls), and powerful vocal cords.

Their style of communication is a bit punk rock: somewhere between a squawk and a squeal, punctuated by intense flailing.

As you can see, they have discovered the front porch. Nobody is LESS happy about this than me. The Paleo Pooch, however, is excited that he doesn't have to go all the way down the steps to eat guinea guano.
These are our goats, Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope. (Although we mostly refer to them as "GOATS!") They enjoy long walks on the car (literally), a good bleat, and acting like something is murdering them whenever we leave their sight.

These two have been extremely effective weed-eaters and stay mostly in the back parts of the property. While we may use them for milk eventually, we've decided to let them enjoy their lives for a bit before we saddle them with offspring. Also, I have to learn how to be in the kitchen without starting a fire before I can even think about attempting to make goat cheese. (Yes, I can start a fire even when I'm not actually cooking anything.)
As you can see, the goats have also discovered the front porch. This is funny, but messy. Mostly messy.
These are a few of our chickens. We did not name them, although I refer to them collectively as "cats" because...well, they're like cats. They're independent, but they like you when you've got food. They do their own thing, roaming the property all day but they come home at night for food, drink and protection. They are impossible to corral (unlike the guineas, who are more like dogs: stupid, delightful, get lost easily, but are easy to lead because they stay in a big, squawking clump most of the time).

We bought sexed chicks, which means they were most likely all girls. However, we're pretty sure we got one rooster - the one on the far right of the deer perch. S/he's always been a little different. Since s/he seems to be the only potential Roo, we'll probably keep him around.
As you can see, they are very naughty birds.

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Thanks for reading - here's to more homestead adventures!


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