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Today's Email Monday: Mind-Blowing Kitchen Lessons!

So, as Good Food for Bad Cooks rolls on, I've started to accumulate some kitchen lessons. 

These lessons have simply blown my mind. 

Given my lack of kitchen skills, these lessons may not be news to you. (In which case, forward this email to someone you know who has as few kitchen skills as I do. I promise, they'll appreciate it.)

Lesson #1: Braising. Braising, braising, BRAISING!

I know this doesn't exactly sound like a lesson. But I can't be the LAST ONE TO LEARN WHAT BRAISING IS ALL ABOUT!

(Am I? Tell me I'm not.)

Here's what my life was like BEFORE I figured this braising thing out.

I would put something in the crock pot. I would check on it halfway through the allotted time. It would already be tough and cooked through, so I'd assume it was over-done. I'd throw up my arms in exasperation - why does braising work for everyone else, but I manage to over-cook things in half the time?!

Then, I'd punish my husband for my lack of skills by making him eat the half-braised chewy mess.

I finally asked the facebook page, and YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE told me what was going on.

Turns out, that chewy-overdone-ness is just an interim stage. As counter-intuitive as it seems, you just have to keep on cooking it - low n' slow - and suddenly, the protein un-chewyfies, the connective tissue melts, and you have something utterly edible!

Lesson: don't check on your braising meat halfway through. It just messes with your mind.

Thanks to this epiphany, I've got the braised short ribs from the Against All Grain cookbook (affilate link) in the oven. In a few hours, we're going to eat an amazing dinner. Boo-yah.

Lesson #2: Fish sauce. Fish sauce, fish sauce, FISH SAUCE!

Thought I was obnoxiously excited about Braise-ology? You don't know the half. My friend Michele of Nom Nom Paleo has been tellin' me about the amazingness that is Red Boat fish sauce, but I just didn't understand how fermented fish juice could enrich my cooking. 

What a poor, unfortunate soul I was.

This stuff is the FINS. It's amazing. I'll be giving some away on the blog this week, so look for it!

Lesson #3: Kenny Loggins. (I only need to say this once.)

The only way a bad cook can make cooking fun is to boogie to Footloose during those ill-fated kitchen experiments. 

Kenny Loggins is clinically proven to lessen pain from kitchen accidents, including cuts, burns, and rotator cuff injuries (don't ask).

Turn it up. Turn it up all. the. way.

Now it's your turn. What are your BEST kitchen lessons? Share with me on facebook!

Here's to many more kitchen triumphs!

Thanks for reading,


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