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Note: in the coming months, I'll be transitioning from Cave Girl Eats to Real Food Liz! It was time to give the blog & my mission a lil' facelift. Stay tuned!

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Don't you hate it when people get all...dramatic? Hyperbolic? Dizzy and overwrought?

Aren't you glad that I NEVER do that? (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

I'm by no means exaggerating when I say that my big, major, super exciting announcement is HUGE. Enormo. Beyond gargantuan.

At least, it is to me! And the whole shebang represents such a big change that I want you, my awesome "inner circle" of subscribers, to be the first to know what's happening...and more importantly, why. 

The announcement: my blog is going through a MAJOR restructuring, transitioning from "Cave Girl Eats" to "Real Food Liz."

The new site will have improved navigation, more HELP for those transitioning to a real food plan, and it'll also be even MORE "me" than before. And who doesn't want more ME? (Don't answer that.)

I've mentioned this change in passing a few times, on the Balanced Bites Podcast and here, in my newsletter, but I haven't made the "official" announcement yet. You're getting it first.

It's a change I believe is exciting, fun and, most importantly, true to who I am

That's why I was so surprised to hear that a few folks weren't so keen on the change.

Some felt it would be a mistake to shift gears when momentum is high (is that a bike analogy, or a car analogy?)

Some were worried I'd lose subscribers and a chunk of my audience by moving from a "Paleo-centered" blog to a broader Real Food concept.

A few others just felt it would be too much stress, and not enough guaranteed reward - especially with my book coming out this month.

I must say, before I go on, that I am GRATEFUL for this feedback. Why? Because NONE of it was negative! Though the change itself didn't sit well with a few folks, it was more out of concern for ME than anything else.

(If that doesn't speak to the character of this amazing community, I don't know what does!)

The truth is, this probably won't be easy. I may lose a few folks along the way. I may even lose my Facebook page, if Sir Zuckerberg won't let me change the name.

(If that's the case, I'll need to build my "Real Food Liz" facebook page from scratch - and if you're up for it, give this page a "like" just in case. I'm keeping it waiting in the wings, so I can hit the ground running if need be. If Facebook doesn't cooperate, that's where I'll move my jibber-jabber.)

But despite a little risk, I'm going for it. Here's why.

I'm not abandoning "Paleo." I'm just broadening the scope of my work. I'm still eating the same foods. But in my heart, I feel this must happen for me to stay true to who I have become. Paleo IS Real Food, but, as I write about in my book, Paleo isn't a concept that can be truly understood in a sound bite - except, perhaps, "learn what Real Food is, and eat it." The Real Food concept is where it begins and ends, so that's where my focus will be. 

It's true to my journey. Cheesy as it sounds, when I began this journey, I was most concerned with the "rules" and the "yes-no" lists of Paleo eating. That was nearly 5 years ago! Over time, from there, here's what happened:
  • I went back to school for Nutritional Therapy.
  • I began work on my master's degree in Public Health. 
  • I began co-hosting a top-rated health podcast (we're 124 episodes in! Holy wow!)
  • I began co-hosting workshops on nutrition across the country.
  • I wrote a 200-plus page guide on holistic skincare and healing.
  • I spent 2 years researching and writing a book about Real Food.
  • I became interested in sustainable farming and self-sufficiency.
  • I moved to a 15-acre homestead with chickens, goats, and pigs to try my hand at raising and growing my own food.

Whew! That's a lotta change since my blog began!

Through all this, I realized it wasn't about Cavemen any more. It wasn't about potatoes or dairy or lists of rules or diet plans or dogma. It was about real food, and the intersection of science, history, and common sense. The Cave Girl concept, as much as I love it, no longer fits what I'm doing or where I'm going.

Finally, I'm doing this because I know it's the right thing. Whatever happens, I am at peace with it - because I know this is the most authentic place I can take my website and my goals. 

I've never been good at doing things for the sake of "business" or "traffic" or money. But I realize now that that's not a flaw. I see the value in makin' moves for the sake of efficacy in business, but the final judge for me is whether I feel my message is genuine and authentic, and whether it truly reflects ME.

The end-game of this, for me, is making true connections, and the only way to make and KEEP those connections strong is authenticity.

So that's the plan. Whadya think? 

I would love your feedback - please leave me a comment on the Facebook page, send me a tweet, or even reply to this email. (I can't always reply to every email, but I do read them all!) Your thoughts are important to me!

Thanks for reading, and for being a subscriber!

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