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I am a "crunchy" skincare product junkie.

I avoid conventional skin and body care like the plague, and enjoy using the Oil Cleansing Method, the No Poo Method, and dying my hair with henna

I love making my own concoctions with oils and clay, and I experiment with more techniques, oils, clays, and hydrosols than I can count.

Generally, I recommend people start out with a few crunchy basics, like tallow balm, jojoba oil, and a good-quality clay. But for some, finding one brand that can provide a one-stop shop for good-quality body care is important.

Unfortunately, there aren't many brands that I can recommend as a whole. While there are many fantastic individual products created by health-conscious brands (which I try my darndest to keep up with) there are few brands where every single product in the line is truly Primal/Paleo/Clean Skincare Perfection.

That's why I'm writing this email. First, I'd like to introduce you to my two favorite brands (and this is NOT an affiliate relationship or a cross-promotion! I truly just love these brands) and next, I'd like to ask for YOUR recommendations.

In recommending an entire brand, the stipulations are as follows: it's free of my "ingredients to avoid." It's gluten-free. It's free of artificial fragrance. It's packaged conscientiously and in a manner that protects the product itself.

And most of all: it has to work.

My two favorite brands are below. Let me know yours by sending me a tweet (@cavegirleats) or posting to my facebook page!
Summer Sky Organics is the product of this family's mission to create gentle, effective products for their son Carter, who has Lamellar Ichthyosis. Carter's mom, a licensed esthetician, developed the entire line with sensitive skin and natural self-care in mind, and they offer goodies for baby, expectant mothers, and...everyone else! They support the First Foundation.

Visit their facebook page to watch for updates and deals, or head straight to their website to learn more. I recommend checking out the Rosehip & Argan oil or the soothing balm.
Primal Life Organics develops their products with the Paleo, Primal, and vegan communities in mind. All products are hand made in small batches. Trina, the founder, is a CrossFitter, a mom, and a nurse anesthetist who knows that what you put on your body is just as important as what you eat. Trina also contributed to the Skintervention Guide!

Stop by the website or the facebook page. I highly recommend the body butter and the Banished face mask!

That's it for this Email Monday. Be sure to let me know your skincare favorites!
Lots of love,

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