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Too of us have suffered through intense issues without even realizing it's the food - and it's hurting, not helping!

Whether you've already converted to a Real Food plan or you're just not quite ready to take the plunge, these signs may help turn on a lightbulb or two. (Or six.)

6 signs you should


Sign 1) You’re tired, craving coffee, or needing a “boost” by 3PM.

This is a classic sign of blood sugar imbalance brought on by the wrong foods!

I’ve been there. At a prior job, long before I changed my diet, I used to crawl under my desk for a 3PM nap nearly every day. (The place of employment shall remain nameless.)

Unfortunately, it’s also a sign that the conventional diet-and-health community “snack-washes” by advising us to eat more meals, or light snacks, multiple times each day to “keep our metabolism going.” This is just postponing the inevitable, however (you'll see in #2).

In truth, these late-afternoon crashes should scream to you: YOUR FOOD ISN’T WORKING FOR YOU! You should be able to go from a good, nutrient-filled breakfast well into the afternoon without feeling hungry or tired
if you’re actually eating the right foods. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you should skip lunch just to “see how long you can go;” but it does mean that you should feel powered by your food all day long, rather than at the mercy of a mid-afternoon blood sugar smackdown. 

What’s the change you should make? I’ve got a rundown at the blog (click here) that will help you triage. It may vary from person to person, but the tips I give are a good starting-point. 

Sign 2) You wake up a few hours after falling asleep.

When this happens, many of us blame ourselves. We’re “not good sleepers,” we say. We may blame our partner (heaven forbid) for - who knows - breathing? 

Here’s what’s really going on: this is nothin’ but the nighttime version of #1, above. It’s blood sugar imbalance in sleep city. When the body isn’t able to regulate blood sugar well, or when you’re eating too many carbohydrates for you (again, this will vary from person to person), blood sugar can crash a few hours into sleepy-time. 

This stresses your body out, so the body - surprise! - releases stress hormones, which - BOOM! - wake you right up. Get that blood sugar under consistent control, and this should resolve.

Sleep is also a process of hormonal balance. Keep in mind that dense sources of animal protein provide the raw materials for sleep-supporting neurotransmitters, and healthy fats and cholesterol provide the raw materials for your body to build hormones.

Sign 3) You crave CHOCOLATE!

Okay, I get it - doesn’t everybody crave chocolate? 

Actually, no. Lots of people love chocolate, but they don’t take it to compulsive Milky Way-ville. The truth is, when you’re well-nourished and blood sugar is balanced, even the most intense, common cravings subside. You still might love chocolate (especially the good stuff) but you won’t knock over a Cacao plantation to get it.

Why is that? Because when you’re well-nourished and your blood sugar is balanced, you become sufficient in a very important mineral: magnesium.

We become deficient in magnesium as a result of blood sugar highs and lows, stress, and not getting enough of the stuff in the first place (from forgotten foods like bone broth, for example). 

Chocolate is actually a fairly good source of magnesium, so it’s common knowledge among holistic nutritionists that when you crave chocolate, it may actually be because you’re deficient in magnesium! Get it?

Sign 4) You're always hungry.

You should NOT have to use “willpower” to fight through hunger. Your food should fill you up, both by virtue of its nutritional content and its ability to satisfy your soul.

Conventional wisdom has guided us away from traditional foods that nourish and connect us with the earth toward sources of agriculturally unsustainable empty calories with shamefully low levels of vitamins and minerals. 

(A group of scientists, in the journal Nutrition, actually chastised the US government for its agencies' food recommendations.)

Food that’s naturally rich in nutrients - from the soil, not a food scientist - fills you up, and it often takes less to feel satisfied.  

Sign 5) You spend more time Googling than you do enjoying your food.

Do you have to google the calorie, carb and fat content of your food before you can even think about eating it? In a future blog post, I’ll reveal some of the disordered “food obsessing” I used to do: I had charts for every single calorie, carb, and gram of fat in my food; and I tracked every single calorie burned.

In fact, I had charts for everything, from the sugar-free gum I chewed to the number of steps I took walking to work. I googled “weight loss foods” and “negative calorie foods” and “rapid fat loss” and tried to exhaust every last corner of the internet for a solution that really wasn’t there.

Years later, I realized: real food - the kind our grandparents would recognize; and the kind with a long history in the human diet - gave me everything I was looking for, and more. I needed to change the type of food I was eating rather than obsess over calories in, calories out. The rest fell into place.


Sign 6) You don’t trust your own ability to know what's best for you.

Okay, this isn’t just a sign that you should change your diet. It’s also a sign that you should change your entire relationship with food starting with you.

We spend so much time listening to “gurus” and celebrity trainers and Dr. Oz that we forget that our relationship with food is one of the most intimate relationships we’ll ever have. And it IS a relationship that WE CONTROL.

We don’t need someone else to tell us what’s OK to eat and what’s not. We don’t need a corporation to put an ingredients label on every box, bag and capsule we see at the store. We need to OWN our built-in ability to know what’s best for us!

Deep down inside, we know what real food is. We just have to learn to embrace that privilege and trust that instinct, while tuning out all that other noise!


With lots of love - and plenty of real food,

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