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April 2013

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Do Perennials help with your soil fertility?

What is soil biology and how does what you do effect it?

Who are your customers and how can you help them help make you more profitable?

This months Bugs and Biology Grower Group News update covers all these question and more.

We hope the season is treating you well and we look forward to catching up with you soon.

Bugs & Biology Grower Group - Recent Events


The 9th of April saw a great crowd at the "Soils- how to stop stuffing them up"  field day, held in Arthur River.  On the day  5 years of independent research into Western Australian Soils, were presented by Stephen Frost and microbiologist Paul Storer.

Another field day was held on the 18th of April, where the results of two trials were presented.

"Nutrients at Depth" has been a very comprehensive investigation funded by SWCC and carried out by UWA exploring the influence several different fertiliser have on carbon storage and nutrient cycling in perennial pastures.  

The final results of over 1200 soil samples taken over the year are being  assessed now and the final report will be published later in the year.

The results to date show that the perennials have increased the carbon levels significantly over the year but there is no significant impact of any of the 5 fertiliser treatments used in the trial. 

It is hoped to secure funding in the near future to enable this project to continue.


"Roots Shoots and Leaves" is another SWCC - funded project aimed at highlighting farm scale perennial pasture establishment techniques.  

4 farmers were involved and each used a range of different establishment techniques, varieties and amendments - including

* No Kill
* Broadcast and crash graze
* Under-sowing a cereal crop
* Conventional
* Biological brews and more 

As part of the day one of the trial sites was looked at and the principals, methods and outcomes were discussed.

A report outlining the processes varieties and outcomes of the the project can be found on the website. 


Do you understand Soil biology and what it means for your profitability?

Scott Smith, froEarthfort  (USA company) discusses soil micro biology including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. He also talks about compost, compost teas and lots of other stuff! in this recent interview he did at Agricultural Insights.


Profitable and Sustainable production of crops and livestock - Greg Judy

click on the picture or the link below to watch 

This 1 hr 15 min video has some great insights into farming for profit in a low input, management intensive system.  

Greg went from working 40hrs a week and farming at the same time, which nearly sent him broke- to now owning 3 farms and leasing another 5.

Greg Judy Green Pastures Farm


Bruce Ward Legucy Trust

The late Bruce Ward was considered a great educator of Holistic Management.  He enjoyed a close relationship with Allan Savory and was technically brilliant.

Bruce Ward had transformed his work as an educator online.  This became a valuable resource for his clients. Now, in his memory, these resources are offered for free to anyone interested in Holistic Management - novices, practitioners and educators alike. 

Bruce Ward died in September 2012.  He will be missed by many, but through his website his legacy is able to live on and his lessons are still able to be taught.

Weather you are new to Holistic Management or are an old hat at it, there is something here for you.


Mulloon Creek - more than green... food for thought

At MCNF they believe in following nature. Being completely natural in their farming methods means they look to nature to how to manage  their soil, creeks, pastures and animals, seeing them as part of a whole system.

MCNF is a diverse, sustainable working role model of excellence for profitable biodynamic farm production and landscape restoration. Together with outstanding research and education programmes of The Mulloon Institute, MCNF is creating the template for growing highly nutritious food while rehabilitating the landscape and caring for nature.

Their site is well worth a look for mountain on information, inspiration and resources. 


Who are your real customers? Taranaki Farm shows that local may be the way to go.

Practicing the art of farm husbandry is noble when the goal is to restore balance and health to the farm, but to achieve this, locals must support production. In short, to create the healthiest, most productive farm imaginable, it must be connected to a healthy local community. The two are connected intrinsically and the suffering of one leads to the suffering of the other.

We’ve combed the globe, implementing and expanding best practices.
Ergo, Taranaki Farm is truly unique in the world of agriculture for its synthesis of method in  regenerative & ethical omnivore production. And we’re also expanding the global network of young inspired farmers, with great passion for undoing the mistakes of the chemical era. It’s a bright future leveraging the power of virtual connectedness, enabling  the return of local connectedness.

This Australian version of Polyface farm is leading the way in Victorian local food production and sustainable agriculture.  More information can be found at their sight or connect with them on Facebook  for daily updates.
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