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Grand Rapids, Mich.–based Acton Institute was awarded Atlas Network’s prestigious Templeton Freedom Award for its documentary film Poverty, Inc. Drawing from more than 200 interviews filmed in 20 countries, the 91-minute documentary unearths an uncomfortable side of charity we can no longer ignore. Revealing the residual neocolonial power dynamics still embedded in modern aid, Poverty, Inc. challenges viewers to question fundamental assumptions and see people in the developing world in terms of their dignity and creative potential.
Congratulations to the winner of this year’s $25,000 Think Tank Shark Tank competition, Admir Čavalić of Bosnia and Herzegovina–based Multi, for the “Balkan Liberty Fest” project proposal. The Balkan area has a long history of regional conflict, suffering under a half-century of communist rule and four years of brutal war. “Balkan Liberty Fest” will be an annual, three-day event to discuss the ideas of liberty and the future of regional countries, with a strong message for change. Think Tank Shark Tank is generously sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation.
The winner of the 2015 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Fest is the film series Love Gov, produced by Atlas Network partner the Independent Institute. Love Gov features Scott “Gov” Govinsky, a character who personifies the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend who imposes his “good intentions” on an idealistic college student, Alexis.
Markets and civil society are buried under a mountain of regulation, and politicians have no incentive to slow the deluge. How can people extricate themselves from this web of regulation? One potential solution is to engage in widespread civil disobedience, argued renowned scholar Charles Murray, Atlas Network’s Templeton Leadership Fellow, during his keynote address — one of many highlights during this year’s Freedom Dinner.
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For generations, constitutional interpretation in the United States has been subject to an ideological divide. In the third annual Liggio Lecture, presented during Atlas Network’s 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, constitutional scholar Randy Barnett explained how a growing legal movement of institutions and scholars is devoted to restoring the U.S. Constitution to its rightful position as the defender of individual liberty.
Property rights are fundamental to free and prosperous societies, so Atlas Network’s 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner devoted a “Big Ideas” session to “Property Rights in Action.” There, attendees were able to hear from three leaders of Atlas Network partner organizations currently working to secure property rights, especially for land ownership, in South Africa, India, and Honduras.
Conference presentations are too often one-sided, with a speaker and a crowd of listeners who don’t interact much apart from a Q&A session. Atlas Network introduced an innovative format at the 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner by hosting an Un-Conference session, which brings a workshop atmosphere to the traditional policy conference. With the help of trained facilitators, attendees and presenters worked together to take think tank projects from Greece, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Turkey, and many more, to new levels of ambition and effectiveness.
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Congratulations to Alvaro Salas, founder and executive director of Democracy Lab in Costa Rica, for winning the John Blundell Elevator Pitch Competition at Atlas Network’s 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner. In his 60-second pitch, Salas artfully wove his personal story of overcoming an early life of hardship together with his dedication to advancing the ideals of freedom and liberty in Costa Rica.
Jakarta-based Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) and Alexandria, Va.-based Institute to Reduce Spending won the 2015 Think Tank Leadership Training project competition. The CIPS “Low-cost private schools in Indonesia” project researches and advocates for low-cost private schools as an alternative for quality education in Indonesia; and the Institute to Reduce Spending’s “What’s your Congressman’s Number?” project will help citizens understand the decisions that their representatives are making with their tax dollars and foster a culture of accountability in Washington.
Thousands of leukemia patients die each year because they can’t find a bone marrow match. If somebody you loved was dying, and you had a chance to interact with a potential donor, what would you do to persuade them to follow through with their donation? Atlas Network partner the Institute for Justice debuted a new short film at the 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, dramatizing that very question.
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