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Living in a Reckless Gun Culture

A 14-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl were killed when a classmate pulled a handgun from his backpack and opened fire, Thursday, at a high school in Santa Clarita. The two victims were among 3 others who were shot and injured, all three of whom remain hospitalized.  
Meanwhile, at the very same time, Senate Republicans – led by our all-time favorite Mitch McConnel – refused to pass gun safety legislation. 

An entire generation of young people is being traumatized by senseless gun violence. As a young person with the capability to vote in 2020, I will not keep quiet about the outrageous and ridiculous inaction by Senate Republicans. When our lawmakers fail to protect children from gun violence, it’s our job, as voters and non-voters, to ensure we replace them with those who will.

A Fate Undecided

Ohio lawmakers have proposed a bill that would effectively ban abortion totally and completely, by legally recognizing unborn fetuses as people. Though similar laws have failed in the past, Republicans are vying for an opportunity to throw in a case before the Supreme Court that allows the new conservative majority to eliminate the right to abortion. 

Yes, let’s put more children into an already overwhelmed system. I forgot exactly how Republicans are able to decide what women can and can’t do with their bodies while preaching less government. 
Someone help me remember how this works, please!

Our representatives aren’t doing their job: not with regards to abortion, nor with gun violence prevention, nor on climate change. In November 2020, we need to vote them out. 

Digging in Heels

After more than five months of political unrest and increasing levels of violence, universities across Hong Kong have emerged as the latest battleground.
Thursday, police fired tear gas at students, prompting hundreds to remain barricaded inside the main building of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University where they stockpiled weapons including bows and arrows. To stop riot police from entering the campus, protesters set fire to the entrance of the University. 

Pro-democracy young people succeeded in repealing waves after waves of attacks against the campus which lasted over 20 hours. This week has marked the greatest amount of violence Hong Kong has seen since the emergence of protests in June. 

50 Shades of Hate

The White House’s senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller, is in a bit of a predicament after over 900 of his emails, littered with racist and white supremacist commentary, were leaked.
In the leadup to the 2016 election, Miller sent various emails pushing white nationalist websites, promoting racist immigration stories, and lamenting the loss of Confederate symbols in the South.

Just for a little bit of background info, Miller has a horrific track record of anti-immigration policies, including the encouragement of family separation, the Muslim ban, and arrest quotas for undocumented immigrants.
For three years, Miller has used his perch to inflict fear and anxiety on refugees, asylum-seekers and unauthorized immigrants, and these emails show Miller’s views flow from his commitment to racist exclusion and the protection of a white demographic majority. And he’s STILL writing speeches and making policy for the Trump administration. 
Despicable. Truly despicable. 

Impeachment Bells are Ringing
Former Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch, current Ambassador to Ukraine Taylor and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, all provided damning testimony of a corrupt Trump administration that explicitly extorted Ukraine for personal gain. Impeach and remove. 

Trump, Giuliani, Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Sondland should be nervous.
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