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Washing Brains, Cleansing Hearts

China’s been on the radar, this week, as government documents leaked revealing the massive brainwashing, torture, and imprisonment of Muslims in Western China. 

Say what
Under the guise of “re-education” camps meant to voluntarily re-educate members of the Muslim Uyghur community to counteract terrorism, the Chinese government has been detaining millions of individuals and locking them in camps with “no escape.”

Former detainees have described experiencing torture, medical experiments, rape, forced abortions and dozens of other horrors by the Communist Party. Numbers suggest over one million Muslims have been detained without a trial. 

With real, hard evidence, the Chinese government, under the request of President Xi Jinping himself, and can no longer keep secret their attempts at ethnic/religious cleansing.

Death to Dictator

Iran is still going through the motions, as anti-government protesters continue to protest in the streets following a nationwide internet shutdown and state control of the media. At least 300 protesters have been killed, over 4,000 injured and over 10,000 arrested by security forces in the past few days. 

Why are they protesting?
Friday, in response to a minimum 50% rise in the price of gas, protesters took to the streets against the growing economic crisis.

The initial demonstrations ignited simmering anger over growing inequality, unemployment and declining standards of living. But, at the heart of the movement lies a more widespread discontent at the current leadership, with civilians chanting for the end of the Iranian regime. 


The Health of a Nation is the Wealth of a Nation

Nearly 5,000 people have died from an outbreak of measles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Measles, which is preventable through vaccination, has spread throughout the entire country, infecting nearly one-quarter of a million people, with 90% of deaths claiming the lives of children younger than five years old.
Weak health infrastructure,
insecurity, community mistrust of vaccines and vaccinators all contribute to a huge number of unvaccinated children at risk of contracting the disease.
On top of an Ebola outbreak as well, the spread of Measles has contributed to the creation of a complex health crisis.  

The disproportionate impact of diseases on societies rife with civil conflict or fractured, under-resourced health systems is a grievous injustice.

The Purge of 2019

In other protest news, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, to rally against the government for economic grievances. The protests, which began on Thursday, spiraled into massive marches with over 200,000 protesters demanding an end to the costly reforms by right-wing President Duque. 

Even worse,
People are taking advantage of the protests to kill and loot, robbing residences and government buildings, and murdering on the streets as security forces occupy themselves with anti-government protesters. 

Dubbed on social media a “real-life purge” the damage being done is truly extraordinary for recent Colombian history.

BiBi in Bad Place
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three separate corruption cases, marking the first time a sitting Israeli PM faces indictment in criminal charges.

Netanyahu has attempted to delegitimize the investigations by calling them a media-fueled witch hunt (sound familiar?) and saying, "there will be nothing because there is nothing." 
However, as the probes advanced and Netanyahu faced more and more questioning, nothing turned into something quite significant. 

So … what happens next?
Well, no one in Israel is quite sure. 
Israeli law requires the top leader to step down if convicted, but not simply when indicted, and his party continues to stand behind him.
So, the future of his reign remains unclear – for the time being. 
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