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The President has been caught red-handed trying to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 election, by pressuring a foreign leader, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, to target Joe Biden, a Democratic frontrunner in the upcoming elections, for political gain. 

Here’s the rundown:
Trump pressured Zelensky to put together an investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter, suggesting a quid pro quo that involved trading and withholding aid in exchange for political favors.
When the transcript of this conversation became public, it became clear, with concrete evidence, that Trump specifically asked the Ukranian leader not to “dig up dirt” but to fabricate evidence… which makes all the difference.

Democrats have since insisted on impeachment hearings, which will be taking place in the near future.

How’s Trump handling all this? 
Well, he started off by suggesting to a room full of diplomats that the White House official who leaked all the information should be put to death.
So that's reassuring.

Lady Liberty, I Don't Think We're in America Anymore

In other Trump-has-great-morals news, the Trump administration just cut the refugee limit for next year by nearly half from the current annual limit of 30k to now 18k.
Under Obama, the cap was 110k, just to give you some context for comparison.
The move comes amid a pileup of applications for asylum, and 2020 arrivals will be the lowest ever, in history, for the US refugee program.

And speaking of, today is World Day of Migrants and Refugees. What lovely timing!

The American Twilight Zone

Earlier this week, a federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s attempts to reconfigure the way ICE detains immigrant children. 

Trump wanted to allow the government to detain immigrant children indefinitely, and allow the government to imprison young kids in unlicensed facilities - AKA in centers with no safety or sanitation restrictions. 
Luckily, however, a judge blocked the order under the conditions of long-standing child custody laws that forbid immigrant children from being locked up for more than 20 days. 

But, for months now, Trump’s been holding children in detention centers with terrible conditions for prolonged periods of time, regardless of the law, because no one’s stopping him. 

The Return of Egypt's Protestors

Egypt has undergone a series of anti-government protests, led by whistleblower Mohamed Ali, following the release of anti-corruption videos that provoked surprise demonstrations last weekend.

Since last weekend’s protests against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, nearly 2,000 Egyptians have been arrested and security forces have massively cracked down on dissenters in Cairo.

Though minor in relation to the 2015 protests in Tahrir Square, these demonstrators are the first visible signs of political unrest in a region marked by fragility. 

A Region Under Lockdown
India and Pakistan, who both claim Kashmir, but rule it in part, have fought over this disputed territory for over 30 years, and in recent weeks, have come into clash as India continues to exert its influence over the region.
Just a few days ago, India revoked Kashmir’s special status, effectively taking away Kashmir’s semi-autonomy, and prompting Pakistan to react with bitter rhetoric towards its Hindu neighbor. 

Just yesterday, Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, warned that India’s actions in Kashmir could cause a “bloodbath” in the region and provoke a war between the two nuclear-armed countries. 
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