HCWH Global Newsletter | February 2017

HCWH Launches Major Initiatives
in India and China

India Health Leaders Launch Health and Environment Leadership Platform

Institutions representing more than 5,000 hospitals and health centers that form the Health and Environment Leadership Platform (HELP) released a joint statement calling for concerted action to reduce air pollution in India.

The Health and Environment Leadership Platform was formally launched by the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) in partnership with HCWH.

The platform aims to bring together health sector leaders to voice their concern and show leadership on the impact of environmental risk factors for ill health, and will serve as the India focal point for HCWH’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network.  Read more

HCWH, China Health Ministry Research Center, UK Organization Sign Green Hospital Pact

Health leaders from China, the U.S, Korea and UK got together at the "International Symposium on Developing Green Health Care System and Facilitating the Implementation of Healthy China Strategy" held in Beijing, China to share research and practical experience on green hospitals and health management.

As a milestone of the three parties' cooperation, China National Health Development Research Center (NHDRC), HCWH and Sustainable Development Unit International have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an International Collaboration to build a green health care system in China at the conference. Read more

Mexico | State Secretary of Health Announces Expansion of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals' Membership at Climate Forum

At the Awareness Forum on Climate Change and Health in Mexico last January, the Secretary of Health announced the expansion of their Global Green and Healthy Hospitals’ (GGHH) membership, with 60 hospitals and more than 100 health centers joining the network.

The Forum, attended by more than 100 participants (including health care professionals and directors), also addressed a climate change mitigation project being implemented in the State of Mexico.

Read more (in Spanish)

Australia | National Strategy for Climate, Health and Wellbeing

HCWH partner in Australia, the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) is leading a process to achieve a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia.

As part of the process, CAHA has released reports, conducted nation-wide surveys and held a roundtable discussion with parliamentarians to gather their support for a federal-level strategy that will protect and promote the health of the Australian community.

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HCWH Founder, Gary Cohen Joins Former Vice-president Al Gore, to Discuss Climate Change and Health

On February 16, Gary Cohen, HCWH President and Founder joined former vice president Al Gore, the American Public Health Association, scientists, epidemiologists and health professionals from around the world to discuss this public health crisis. The one-day event filled the gap left by the recently-canceled Climate & Health Summit originally to be hosted and sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others.
"It is more urgent now than ever for health care to stand up to protect public health from climate change," said Cohen.

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Philippines | HCWH Showcases Best Practices on Health Care Waste Management

HCWH recently welcomed PRISM Bangladesh Foundation to the Philippines to showcase how hospitals are implementing sustainable healthcare waste management practices.

The visit facilitated knowledge exchange to further promote sustainable medical waste management systems and technologies. 

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HCWH Partners With Asian Development Bank for Session on SMART Health Care

In partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), HCWH was part of the session 21st Century SMART Health Service Delivery for Universal Health Coverage and Inclusive Growth that took place on January 29 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event, which is part of the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2017, discussed the challenges faced by health service providers and hospitals in the 21st century.

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HCWH Publishes Fact Sheet on Antimicrobial Resistance 

HCWH published a fact sheet detailing the environmental problems posed by improper disposal of pharmaceuticals and the excretion of pharmaceutical residues.  

The fact sheet also provides advice on best practices for health care professionals. Read more

Better Health Leads To Less Carbon Emissions

HCWH President Gary Cohen and Charlotta Brask, Director of Sustainability at Stockholm County Council (a Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and HCWH Europe member), contributed their perspectives to an article published in Novo Nordisk's quarterly magazine TBL.  Read more

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