HCWH Global Newsletter | December 2016

Spotlight on Climate and Health as Officials Map out Implementation of Paris Agreement

For two weeks in November Marrakech, Morocco played host to the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP) on Climate Change. With the Paris Agreement coming into force just weeks before the event began, COP22 focused on bringing the world together to develop strategies and craft a blueprint for implementing the Agreement at national and global levels.

Amidst the negotiations and myriad events throughout COP22, the climate and health connection continued its rise into the mainstream as a key driver for action.  Seven events covering different aspects of the climate and health issue from air pollution, to migration, to solutions took place over the two weeks of the COP event.

To read Health Care Without Harm’s reflection on COP22 and the events we hosted and attended to promote low carbon health care and a healthy future for the planet, click here.


Health Care, Climate Change, and Donald Trump

-by Gary Cohen, President and Co-founder- Health Care Without Harm

Driven by our healing mission, the health profession has a duty to protect the health of patients, families, and communities. Every day, we witness firsthand the health consequences of our continued reliance on fossil fuels.

The incoming Trump Administration’s energy ambitions — increased oil drilling, burning more coal, scrapping the nation’s climate action plan, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty — will endanger the health of Americans, suppress the growth of clean energy jobs, and reject the global consensus to immediately address climate change. This is unacceptable.

This momentum for making the transition to low-carbon health care will continue regardless of whatever damaging policies the new Administration enacts.

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Brazil | Healthy Hospitals Seminar 2016

In September, over 700 participants attended the 9th annual Healthy Hospitals Seminar (HHS), the main national event on sustainability and environmental management in the health sector. The HHS was hosted and organized by HCWH's Brazilian partner, Projeto Hospitais Saudáveis (PHS).

The event featured national and international speakers discussing the latest developments in sustainable health care. In addition, 40 institutions in Brazil were recognized for signing the pledge to join the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge to take meaningful action on climate change.

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New GGHH Hippocrates Data Center Goes Live!

In October, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) launched the Hippocrates Data Center, the first international platform of its kind designed for the health sector to measure actions towards reducing its environmental footprint.

A new, cutting edge tool, Hippocrates puts the power of data management, goal benchmarking, and progress reporting in the hands of each member. GGHH members are now be able to track, store, and visualize the data and progress of their sustainability programs and initiatives…all on a secure web-based platform housed on GGHH Connect.

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HCWH Urges Governments to Invest in Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Health Care

During the World Health Organization’s Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Environment and Health hosted in Manila in October, HCWH Asia urged governments to protect public health from climate change and to invest in building low carbon and climate-resilient health facilities. HCWH also called on the health care sector to take a leadership role in protecting people’s health from climate change.

Many countries in the region, including the Philippines, are some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The 4th Regional Forum was a key moment to discuss climate change as a public health emergency as well as opportunities to prepare for and mitigate its impacts.

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US | Get Smart About Antibiotics Week: Clinician Storytelling

HCWH and the Clinician Comprehensive Antibiotic Stewardship (CCCAS) Collaborative participated in Get Smart Week 2016 to advocate for policy change on antibiotic use in both clinical care and animal agriculture. Each day, they posted a new story from clinicians all across the country on their thoughts and experiences related to antibiotic resistance.

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South Africa | Global Green and Healthy Hospitals at World Hospital Congress

At this year’s World Hospital Congress, held in Durban, South Africa, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and groundWork, HCWH's partner organization in the country, hosted the side event “Global Green and Healthy Health Systems.”

The meeting brought together GGHH members from around Africa as well as other leading international health care experts to share approaches to low-carbon, sustainable health care.

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HCWH Launches Healthy and Sustainable Food in Health Care Pledge

Last October, HCWH Europe launched its Healthy and Sustainable Food in Healthcare Pledge in Copenhagen, Denmark at the CleanMed Europe conference. The pledge calls for European hospitals and health systems to commit to improve the quality of the food they serve, shorten the supply chain, strengthen the local economy, and prevent and decrease food waste.

In addition to the launch of the pledge, HCWH Europe organized the first ever European Workshop on Sustainable and Healthy Food in Health Care. The event brought together health sector representatives from around Europe to share best practices and showcase national research programs.

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