APRIL 2023
Dear Colleague,
We are celebrating 20 years of HCWH Europe this month, and we would love you to share your memories with us. Stay tuned for a special anniversary report coming later this year which will chart the development of sustainable healthcare in Europe over the last two decades and take a peek at what the future might hold.

This month we’ve also concluded the first phase of our project, Greening the Brussels Healthcare Sector, hosted our AGM, and opened registration for our upcoming webinar on toxic plasticisers in PVC medical devices. We’ve also released a new video series on healthcare professionals’ role in responsible antibiotic use in farming.

Kind regards,
Will Clark,
Executive Director - HCWH Europe

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Three paid internships at HCWH Europe

We are seeking applications for three new paid internships at HCWH Europe.
  • Communications Assistant - Climate
  • Sustainability Projects Assistant
  • Programme Assistant - Safer Pharma
Visit our vacancies page to learn more and please share amongst your networks.

Two decades of sustainable healthcare in Europe 


This month we celebrate 20 years since HCWH Europe was formed. HCWH President and Founder Gary Cohen and Executive Director for Europe Will Clark reflect on two decades at the centre of the sustainable healthcare movement in Europe.

To mark our 20th anniversary, we will release an ambitious and groundbreaking report later this year that charts the development of sustainable healthcare in Europe over the last two decades. This report will celebrate the very best in sustainable healthcare innovation and practice and create a vision of where the sector can go in the next 20 years.

Reducing exposure to toxic plasticisers in PVC medical devices

Patients can be exposed to unsafe levels of harmful plasticisers, particularly vulnerable patients such as newborns and children, who are exposed during critical periods of development. HCWH Europe is hosting a webinar on 15 May to explore these issues from a scientific evidence perspective, with a focus on PVC medical devices. Speakers will highlight the risks of using PVC medical devices and discuss the importance of phasing out PVC to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals throughout the entire PVC lifecycle.

Register here

Member placement - North Bristol NHS Trust, UK

Andreea Zotinca, our Circular Healthcare Project Officer, visited Southmead Hospital, one of the healthcare facilities that form the North Bristol NHS Trust – a member of the Global Green & Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network. She witnessed the inspiring work to reduce the hospital's environmental impact and learned about some of its challenges.

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Voices from Madrid: A day of training on #PlasticFreeHealthcare

Our latest video features interviews of healthcare professionals at our Circular Healthcare training session in Madrid. Learn about the barriers to plastic reduction in healthcare and our members' innovative solutions. Take action now by joining the #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement.
Watch the video

In case you missed it

Portugal develops roadmap to achieve zero emissions healthcare

Portugal has developed a national decarbonisation plan for its healthcare sector, putting them on a path towards net zero emissions by 2050. Working closely with HCWH Europe and Arup via Operation Zero, Portugal’s Central Administration of the Health System has calculated its carbon footprint and developed a concrete plan towards zero emissions.

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Greening the Brussels Healthcare Sector project wraps up first phase

On 30 March, our Climate Projects Coordinator Maï Shafei took stock of the first phase of the Greening the Brussels healthcare sector project alongside Alain Maron, Minister of the Environment and Health of the Brussels Government.

Local media were able to visit Saint-Pierre Hospital, one of the project's six partner hospitals, to learn about its initiatives, including reducing plastic and toxic chemical use in the maternity ward.

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The role of healthcare professionals in responsible antibiotic use in farming

Healthcare professionals have untapped potential in advocating the appropriate use of antibiotics in animal agriculture - which can have a significant impact on public health. Learn more in our new video series and communications toolkit.

As trusted members of our society, health professionals can raise awareness about the risks associated with overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture, and promote the adoption of best practices for animal welfare and antibiotic stewardship. By doing so, healthcare professionals can help to protect public health and preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations. 

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AMR EDUCare - reducing AMR through health education

The AMR EDUCare project will develop educational materials and training for health professionals to reduce the spread of and exposure to AMR.
The project will expand doctors' antibiotic prescription knowledge and improve their communication skills to manage patient expectations on antimicrobial prescription. The training will also upskill health management professionals on processes and techniques to reduce and better manage antimicrobial waste.

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