Melissa Rosenberger, MS, EAMP is a teacher, soul healer, musician, and writer.  She practices core shamanism and Seidr, a Northern European form of shamanic practice. 

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Hello Community,

The SoulTender Circle (formerly The Four Foundations) is staring in January.  It is an opportunity to do profound healing and transformational work in a supportive community environment while also learning the skills for leading a fulfilling life connected to Self, Soul, and Spirit.  In this circle you will learn how to safely interface with spirit-reality in a way that benefits your life today.  You will gain access to the Deep Self, and cultivate the resources need to access love, joy, grace, and wisdom. 

This circle is a place to be seen, to have your journey witnessed, to have your gifts acknowledged and appreciated.   This circle is a container through which you can transform your life, ignite your fire, find your innate unshakeable joy. Join us in a year-long exploration of Soul and Spirit, a journey to the Deep Self, a gathering of gifts and abundance, a return Home.

This circle is also foundational work for anyone who would like to go deeper into shamanic or Seidr practice with a second year course, and either this circle or its equivalent with another teacher is required for Seidr initiation.

Potential aspects of this circle include exploring the following:

Fate and Destiny

Initiation, Rites of Passage

Death-Rebirth Cycles

Sensual Embodiment of Life and the Divine Nature

Anima and Animus, Relationship of the Masculine and Feminine

Interconnectedness/The Tree of Life/The Web of Life

Mythos and Archetypes


Eros, Ecstasy, Sacred Sexuality

Darkness and Light

Life Purpose


Genius, Personal Gifts





To register for the SoulTender Circle send me an e-mail: and fill out and submit the registration form

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In joy,

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