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Dear Family,

As we continue to progress in our use of technology, there is a new way to register your attendance for events involving the church such as Worship, Sunday School, and ZOOM Meetings. It is also a way to connect and be connected together as the body of Christ. This technology can be accessed from any device (phone, PC, tablet).

Here's how:
from your phone: 

Turn your camera on and point it at the QR code image above. This should give you a message to open Churchtrac in Safari on an Iphone not sure what it is on Android. Tap on that to open ChurchTrac Connect. If it doesn't then you probably don't have a QR reader attached to your camera.

To access from a tablet, PC or phone without a QR reader, enter the following in a browser like Safari or Chrome:

Once the Connect Page is open you will need to register. Enter the required information.
If there is a discrepancy in the info you entered and what is entered in the church records you will get a message that says something about your profile. If you get this please let me know and the discrepancy will be corrected.

Once logged in you should see the Connect Page with a number of graphics. (see screenshot of Churchtrac below)

One of those is for your attendance. Click on the Who is Here Today image and a page with the event or events for the day. Click to mark the members of your family present for the events listed and submit. That is all there is to it!

You will also notice that you can enter your prayer requests here and get to Amplify for Worship Streaming from this page.

Praise God for the many ways He makes it possible for us to not just remain connected but to grow and expand our discipleship through a challenging time.


Pastor Tim Constien
New Covenant United Methodist Church

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