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PMF launches its own website

The Predation Management Forum will be launching a predation website on Wednesday, 21 May 2014. 
This website has been designed to provide a wide spectrum of information relating to those predators which cause so much damage to livestock farmers as well as give the producer the necessary information to apply the correct predation management practices.  Legislative issues have a prominent place and producers will have the opportunity to ask our expert, Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn any questions relating to the issue of predation

Meatless Monday meer as wat voorgegee word

Gedurende die eerste en tweede wêreldoorloë was “Meatless Mondays” deel van ‘n poging van die Amerikaanse regering om verbruikers aan te moedig om hul deel by die huis by te dra deur die verbruik van sekere voedselsoorte te beperk.
Dit was ‘n patriotiese manier om die oorlogspoging en die soldate wat oorsee geveg het, te ondersteun deur te verseker dat die soldate toegang kon hê tot voedsame kos, soos beesvleis.
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Verdere perdevleis-toetse gelas

Die Europese Unie (EU) het gelas dat ‘n nuwe rondte van toetste op beesvleis gedoen word om te sien of dit enige perdevleis bevat, volgens die Food Quality nuusbrief.
Indien daar enige vleis gevind word wat meer as die een persent toegelate hoeveelheid perdevleis toon, sal laboratoriese toetse uitgevoer word, waarna die gevalle aangekondig sal word. Die betrokke produkte sal ook uit die handel onttrek word.
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Mortalities due to wire-worm infestations experienced

Late continuous rainfall especially in the summer rainfall areas led to severe outbreaks of wire-worm infestations in small stock. Reports of mortalities were received, according to the monthly report on livestock disease trends as informally reported by veterinarians in South Africa.
Some farmers are still not aware of the different anthelmintic groups that should continuously be assessed for efficacy. Numerous reports of anthelmintic resistance were received.
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Skaapvleis SA: Verbruikers opvoeding van die LAER LSM populasiegroepe

Deel van ons doelwitte by Skaapvleis Suid Afrika is om die laer LSM populasiegroepe te bereik en hulle in te lig oor die waarde van skaapvleis in die dieet.  Ons het afvalboekies ontwikkel en gedruk in Zulu, Sepedi en Engels wat spesifiek hierdie groep sal bereik..
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Lamb and Mutton South Africa teams up with the Daily Sun to help improve the wellness of all South Africans

Lamb and Mutton South Africa has teamed up with the widely distributed Daily Sun newspaper, through monthly contributions in their “Wellness” feature. The feature serves as an ideal platform to educate a large segment of the population on red meat and health. The Daily Sun describes their readers as predominantly black, proud, hard-working individuals who are the pulse of our society. They are a generation of proud parents and young adults - aspiring to better opportunities, lapping up new technology and building a better tomorrow. The readership of the paper stands at a phenomenal 5.6 million readers nationally. We’ve increased our impact from only publishing an advertorial in each addition, to contributing substantially towards the editorial content in these features. See out latest feature here:


Die April 2014-uitgawe van Red Meat/Rooivleis is nou elektronies beskikbaar op 


IMS World Meat Congress to be held in Beijing

The World Meat Congress, which is the major event of the International Meat Secretariat (IMS), is held every two years, and is the largest and most prestigious congress of its kind in the world. 
The 20th IMS World Meat Congress, hosted by International Meat Secretariat and China Meat Association, will be held in Beijing, China from June 14 to 16, 2014. 
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Positive 2014 outlook for the meat industry

The latest annual Gira Meat Club report concludes on a much more favourable outlook for the global meat sector in 2014, according to the newsletter of the International Meat Secretariat.
Stronger economic conditions will favour better meat demand growth, and costs will be down due to the lower feed costs. That should be good for producer profitability, but in many countries it will be a tough year for processors.
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Beef prices expected to move sideways 

Internationally, beef prices in the US are expected to move sideways in the short term with a possible downward movement in the medium term but prices from New Zealand and Australia will pick up, according to ABSA Agri Trends.
Domestic prices are expected to follow the New Zealand prices in the short term and move sideways and upwards in the medium term due to lower supplies.
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Mutton Market Trends

Internationally, prices should continue to move downward in the short term with a possible sideways and then upward movement in the medium term after Easter. Locally, prices will move downwards in the short term with a sideways movement in the medium term due to better demand.
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Value and impact of the livestock sector in the socio-economy of the country
Seventy percent of agricultural land in South Africa can only be farmed with by livestock and game, therefore species are found in all provinces with high concentrations in the eastern higher rainfall regions. 
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