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Partnership reinforced

The partnership between the RPO and Peritum Agri Institute (formerly BathoPele) in terms of the national diploma in animal production has been reinforced during the national RPO’s recent congress when the two organisations signed a contract.
The diploma in animal production is a fully fledged national qualification and is registered as a NQF-5 qualification at SAQA. The course is unique in the sense that it is spread over a period of 18 months. Although no formal examination is taken after the course has been completed, the assignments which the students have to complete are subject to strict assessment.
Good feedback has been received from the students who completed the course. It is a good alternative for students who were not able to complete a formal university course in animal production. It also makes provision for a bridging course in order to acquire a formal degree.
The RPO is committed to the partnership with Peritum Agri Institute and will also support the students in terms of internships.

ALDAM Stockmanschool

Policy must be converted into action

“The biggest challenge in South Africa is to convert announcements and policy into action. If this can be done, the agricultural sector will change the colour of growth and development,” said Paradise Mahlangu in his chairman’s report at the NERPO recent 21st annual congress.
He said twenty years ago, after observing the high levels of disparities in terms of access to farming resources, opportunities, support, skills and capacities between emerging farmers and established white commercial farmers, the sector came together with a dream of creating successful commercial livestock farmers from their midst.
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Special offer on vaccine

Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) has a special offer on Lumpy Skin Disease vaccines while stocks last.
Fifty bottels (50 doses) can be bought for R370 each. For more information contact the call centre at 012 522 1684 or

Leather cycle is broken

According to the latest report in the Leather Pipeline market intelligence series the recent All China Leather Exhibition has confirmed, even to the industry’s greatest sceptics, that the familiar cycle of demand for finished leather going up and down, depending on price, is broken. 
Many in the industry expected leather’s lost customers in the footwear business to have come back by now. Leather lost out in many footwear collections to synthetic alternatives after raw material, and then finished leather, prices rose sharply four years ago. Seasoned observers insisted that tanners and leather traders had seen similar developments many times in the past, that prices would eventually come back down and that, when they did, the footwear buyers would be back.
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Pasture conditions may improve

Rain started to occur over the drought stricken areas of the Eastern and Southern Cape since the beginning of September and this may improve pasture conditions, according to ABSA Agri Trends.
A rapid El Nino development (warming of Nino areas) is expected to happen in September and October to reach a peak in November to January. There is now more certainty about the El Nino occurrence.
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Maintaining cow productivity within a changing environment

The net effect of climate change predicted for South Africa is generally drier and warmer, which implies that beef production regions will experience a higher frequency of droughts and temperatures may rise more often to uncomfortable high or even heat stress levels. Towards the west of the country the temperatures will rise higher than towards the east, but in the east the accompanying humidity levels could make it extremely uncomfortable. Beef production breeding objectives need to be proactive and adjust to the predicted changes.
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Auctions for October 2018

Stock theft statistics released

The national crime statistics were recently released by the South African Police. The livestock theft statistics were analysed by the National Stock Theft Prevention Forum (NSTPF).
Nationally livestock theft cases have increased by 7.8 %, but it is important to understand the extent of livestock theft in South Africa in 2018.
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NERPO enters a new phase

“Guided by the past and present internal and external forces, it is very clear that NERPO has to enter a new phase in terms of philosophy, policy, strategy, methodology and focus”, said Aggrey Mahanjana, Group Managing Director of NERPO at its recent congress.
He said NERPO believes that its members are key to its existence and therefore the improvement of their financial status, competitiveness and general wellbeing will bring about a strong organisation.
The new NERPO policies should focus more on the strengthening of its members in terms of their marketing organisation. The organisation’s policies should therefore at all times be member-driven and responsive to market opportunities.
“It must always be ensured that the resources at the disposal of the organisation are largely used to promote the strategic intent and progress of NERPO,” Mahanjana said.

Eat meat and live longer

Eating cheese and meat daily slashes your chance of early death by a quarter, a major study reveals.
It suggests we can consume around twice as much as currently recommended, and it also includes butter.
Leading doctors said the findings challenge “conventional thinking” on healthy diet.
Scientists quizzed more than 218 000 people about their food consumption across 52 countries. Those eating the highest levels of dairy and red meat saw their chances of early death fall by 25% and a fatal heart attack cut by 22%.
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Sheep slaughter diminished

Slaughter of sheep has declined sharply in the past three years, said Alex Cilliers of GWK at the recent RPO conference in an overview of the sheep value chain.
He said although slaughter prices of sheep were very volatile in the past three years, it still followed an increasing trend. During this period the consumer market became more demanding as far as the origin of the product is concerned and the quality of the product presents a high premium worth.
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