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The National Red Meat Producers’ Organization’s

The National Red Meat Producers’ Organization’s (RPO) national conference and congress took place on 16 and 17 August 2016 in Parys, Free State. During the Congress, Mr Koos van der Ryst of the Northern Cape was appointed as Chairman in the place of Mr Lardus van Zyl, who has stepped down.

Consumer is in control

“The success of the red meat industry in South Africa is determined by the demand for our product,” said Mr Lardus van Zyl in his Chairman's report at the RPO’s national congress.

He said if you take a look at the demand for red meat, the latest predictions indicate  that the local beef market will grow with 9% until 2025, while the mutton market will grow with 13%. Read more ...

South Africa’s stock must be counted

Congress requested the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to conduct a stock census according to the methods contained in a study which was conducted by the University of the Free State.

The proposer, Mr Walter van Niekerk from the University of the Free State, said the last formal stock census was undertaken in the 1990’s and since then only estimates have been used. It is essential for planning in terms of the natural resource. Read more ...

The time is ripe for an export strategy

The Executive Council of the RPO has at the congress been requested to develop an export strategy for the cattle and sheep industries that will ensure that producers earn their rightful premium.

Furthermore, it has been requested that the Executive Council, if necessary, consider the application for a statutory levy to obtain funds for the implementation of the strategy. The strategy must be considered in cooperation with the Red Meat Industry Forum.  Read more ...

Sheep value chain can work

The sheep value chain is characterized by an old-fashioned marketing environment with a modern consumer, but it is possible to build a value chain that works, said Mr Alex Cilliers from GWK at the congress.

He said there are various factors which contribute to the fact that the sheep value chain is fragile. The first one is supply. The country’s diminishing national herd leads to precarious supply.  Read more ...

l.t.r:  Dr Botlhe Modisane, Ernst Janovsky (ABSA), Dr Mpho Maja (DAFF), mr Chris Sturgess (JSE)

Active surveillance continues

“Active surveillance to protect South Africa’s national herd is continuously being performed by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on the instruction of the Director : Animal Health,” said Dr Botlhe Modisane of the Directorate Animal Health at the RPO congress.

He said the department’s policy on the international organization for animal health, the OIE’s freedom status expanded in May 1994 from Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) status recognition to include AHS, CBPP, CSF, PPR, BSE and endorsement programmes for CBPP, FMD and PPR. It is important to adhere to the OIE’s requirements for purposes of international trade.  Read more ...

RPO supports request

The RPO at its national congress, supports a request from the Western Cape RPO with regards the possibility that farmers may lose their farms due to the proposed uranium extraction in the southern parts of South Africa.  It is not only the uranium extraction that has an impact on the farming interprises, but also the schale gass and fracking as well as the SKA-project in the Karoo.

f.l.t.r.: Corine Steyn, Hein Wagner, Mari Dürr

Support for one organization

The RPO at its national congress resolved to support one organization that represents the red meat industry.

Congress also approved the Executive Board with the necessary authority to implement the proposed Terms of Reference and levy structure and quantum based on the principles of general industry and producer matters with the understanding that the matter be investigated and feedback be provided at the next congress.  Read more ...

Report all stock theft cases

“There are only one solution to the whole problem of stock theft; report all cases to the South African Police Services (SAPS), said Mr Willie Clack, Chairman of the National Stock Theft Prevention Forum at the congress.

He said determining the right picture of the real extent of livestock theft in South Africa is easy as there is a conundrum of information made available to decision makers that actually means nothing.  Read more ...

Droughts discussed at congress

The drought which occurred this year in most parts of the country was one of the discussion points at congress.

The University of the Free State on behalf of the RPO undertook a research project from January to May 2016 to inform consumers and institutional role players of the impact of the drought on producer level, said Mr Frikkie Maré of this university.   Read more ...

Johan Bester, Wim v Rooyen,  Alex Cilliers, Neil de Klerk

Enjoy the benefits of price risk management

At the RPO’s national congress Mr Chris Sturgess from the JSE invited abattoirs, buyers, feedlots and wholesalers to get on board as price information contributors by signing up with a JSE approved broker, becoming a client and start enjoying the benefits of price risk management.

He said a derivatives market is a trading operation that provides market participants with a price determination mechanism and a price risk management facility through which they can manage their exposure to adverse price movements on the underlying physical market and where performance by both counterparties to the contract is guaranteed.  Read more ...

f.l.t.r: mnre John Dürr, Jaco Mare', Flip le Roux, Lardus van Zyl

RPO gives recognition to members

The RPO gave recognition to some of its members at the dinner party of the national Conference and Congress. 
A number of provincial chairmen has stepped down the past 2 years.  The members include Messrs Flip le Roux and SP Fourie from the North West RPO, Mr Neels de Villiers from the Free State RPO and Mr John Dürr from the Western Cape ROI.

The RPO also gave recognition to Mr Jaco Maré from Hartbeesfontein in the North West Province who was the previous Chairman of the National Stock Theft Prevention Forum.

Mr Lardus van Zyl which stepped down as national Chairman as well as his wife Petro, was also honored.

Motivational speaker a hit

As usual, the red meat producers was treated to a motivation speaker at the RPO's national conference and congress.

This year Mr Hein Wagner acted as motivational speaker with the theme "I'm blind - what is your excuse?"

Mr Wagner has reached three major milestones notwithstanding the fact that he was borne blind. He established the record for the fastest blind driver for a landscape record on two occasions. The second world record, that is still held by Hein, was set at a speed of 322 km per hour.  Mr Wagner also completed the torturous Cape Epic Cycle tour.  

This awesome performance by a blind person, has found favor with the audience.

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