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The Powell Team Newsletter #3

What I’ve Been Up To

Happy Thanksgiving Break! Over the next few weeks I’ll be wearing many different hats, serving clients all over the state through my dyslexia assessment, coaching, advocacy, and real estate services! Here’s what I’ve got coming up:

I also recently created lists on my Amazon Storefront of the items I use in sessions, plus books for kids about dyslexia, books for adults about dyslexia, and bonus lists titled “Future Therapy Dog” and “My Favorite Books with Unusual Plots” 🤪

Recent Favorites from IG

These are my go-to accounts for cited research on dyslexia, ADHD, and executive functioning. I’ve been told my approach to therapy is very similar to Dr. Marnie Ginsberg’s (top right). She is the author of the program “Reading Simplified.” Click each post to view on Instagram.

Subscriber Question: Are you still offering coaching calls?

Answer: Yes! Info here. Reply to this email with questions or to schedule.

Carondelet Assessment in Tahoe!

My Recent Sessions

Clockwise from L: Using the Lively Letters qu- story to solve p/q reversals, reading Amelia Bedelia for fluency, practicing phonological and semantic skills using my Word Biography, building words with -ies and -ied using virtual Montessori Tiles

Clockwise from L: Connect 4 with ē sound of i, making fact family flashcards on wooden triangles (kids love the weight of the wood), decodable sentence writing, practicing letter formation by initial stroke

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