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Dear Friends,
It's great to keep up the reading habit during the summer, especially for emerging readers. Here are some books that may entice the young people in your life.

For young girls, a second book in the 'Backyard Witch' series is now available, called Jess's Story It's at an easy reading level, with accessible content about trusting oneself. Coincidentally, a book for 9 to 12 called The Fourteenth Goldfish has a similar theme of finding one's own identity.  

Here are two other wonderful books for the 9-12 range. Kepler's Dream is as much about parent-daughter relationships as it is a well-written mystery to solve concerning a theft. Heroes and Villains is part of a fabulous series called Guys Read, a collection of short stories by excellent children's book authors, aimed at inspiring boys to read.

Thanks for caring about children's literature!
Laura Duggan

Backyard Witch - Jess's Story

Published: 2016
Theme: Self-acceptance
Best for : girls, 7 - 9

“Did Mom know she hired a witch as a babysitter?” 

In this second children’s book in the Backyard Witch series, we watch a young girl grow into her own qualities, which are different from her mother’s expectations. 
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The Fourteenth Goldfish

Published: 2014
Theme: Be Yourself
Best for: 10 - 12

“Sometimes I wonder if I was born into the wrong family. Being onstage makes me nervous, and I’m not a fan of working backstage either." 

There are two themes interwoven here: responsible science, and finding your own way…
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Kepler's Dream

Published: 2012
Theme: Healing Relationships
Best for: 10 and up

“I felt like I was speaking a part in some out-of-date play. Who in the world calls their grandmother “Grandmother?” But “Grandma” didn’t seem to fit.”

This children’s book is about relationships – between parents, children, grandparents, and friends, showing the way that misunderstandings can create distance, and communication can create love and warmth.… Read More

Heroes & Villains

Published: 2016
Theme: Heroes and Villains
Best for: boys 9 and up

“My name is Danny Daley, but no one calls me “Danny” anymore. These days, I’m know as “Stink.’ Before you laugh, let me tell you how I got that nickname, because it’s not what you might think.” 

Three cheers for a children’s book series called Guys Read, a fabulous way to grab the attention of middle-school boys.. Read more
Thanks for supporting quality literature for children. It brightens our future.
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