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Dear Friends,
I don't know if it was subliminal selecting, but three of the books this month are not only well-written, but deal with very timely topics of war, resistance, and prejudices, appropriate for our current events. Yet they are all set in different worlds and eras than our own, which makes the message easier to hear, somewhat the way fables do.

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre is a fast-paced fantasy, with lots of excitement and emotion, dealing thoughtfully with the issue of subjugating other cultures, best for 10 and up. Another book, Kensuke's Kingdom, mixes in survival as a cast-away with the troubling after-effects of WWII on Japan, posing the question, "when is it better to just disappear?" A compelling story of the French resistance in WWII makes Genevieve's War an exceptionally timely and worth-while book for children aged 9 and up. Last but not least is a wacky and fun story set as a Norse Myth by Neil Gaiman, called Odd and the Frost Giants, perfect for 3rd or 4th graders.

Thanks for caring about children's literature!
Laura Duggan

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre

Published: 2017
Theme: Resisting Prejudice
Best for: 10 and up

“I’d been taught that our Bamarre were lucky to be ruled by us. Otherwise they would have been conquered by others, who would have killed them all. With us, they were safe and had duties and food.”

A great and timely fantasy children’s book exploring the injustice of nations dominating nations, and the ill consequences of prejudice.
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Kensuke's Kingdom

Published: 2003
Theme: Survival
Best for: 9 and up

“Until now, except for occasional gut-wrenching pangs of homesickness and loneliness, I had by and large managed to keep my spirits up. But not anymore. My beacon stayed obstinately damp.” 

I was immediately struck with the clarity, simplicity, and beauty of the writing, and wondered how the tale would unfold… Read more ›

Genevieve's War

Published: 2017
Theme: WWII Resistance and Courage
Best for: 9 to 12

“A few days later, I was one my way to meet Katrin for school when the German office cornered me at the end of the path. “Where’s the dog, Fraulein?” Meme and I should have decided to what to say to him…”

It seems important for children to know that resistance is not just for history, or adults, but is something that even young people can participate in.
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Odd and the Frost Giants

Published: 2009
Theme: Norse Myths Humor
Best for:  9 to 10

He clambered onto the bear’s back, holding his crutch with his left hand and clutching the bear’s fur with his right. The bear stood up slowly, making sure the boy was on, then set off at a fast lope…”

It’s wonderful to see contemporary authors make good use of imagination and the wealth of possibilities from the Norse stories… Read more

Thanks for supporting quality literature for children. It brightens our future.
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