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Dear Friends,

This is the first time in five years of newsletters that I have come up short with new books to share with you--only two! How did this happen? I read fewer books and alas, the ones I read were not worthy of reviewing. I'm committed to only adding well-written children's books to the litkidz collection, which now has almost 400 books. So for new subscribers, I invite you to browse the website for great reading.

The shining star this month is a sweet little Easy-Reader, or Read-aloud book called Good Night, Good Knight. All I can say is, I love it, and it makes up for all the books I read this month that were worthless!

The second book this month, Blueberries Forever, wasn't reviewed separately, because it's the third in the Serendipity series, and the other two really set the content for the third. If you haven't read any, (and this is for middle-school girls), here's a link to the first, Finding Serendipity

Happy Reading.

(In deference to my dear grandson, I admit I read his entire collection of the Tree House Books: 13-Story Treehouse, 26-Story Treehouse, 39..., 52, get the idea. They are good for reluctant boy readers, definitely contain 9-year-old boy humor, have a decent vocabulary, but alas, don't really make the cut for Literature, or the litkidz website. However, if you are dealing with a reluctant reader, they are pretty harmless!)

Good Night, Good Knight

Published: 2000
Theme: Easy Reader, Read-Aloud
Best for: 5 - 8

“Once there were three little dragons. They lived in a dark cave. The cave was in a dense forest. The forest was in a faraway kingdom. The poor little dragons were very lonely in their deep dark cave.”

A must-have, read-aloud bedtime story that’s perfect for every child… 
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