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Dear Friends,
This month, the book selections are half and half: half for the younger ones, and half for middle-school. And I love them all! For the younger readers, I just came across an old classic by beloved Maurice Sendak, called The Sign on Rosie's Doora must-have book in your children's library, especially if you love imaginative play. Also very heavy on imagination is the unusual book called Oddfellow's Orphanage, with outlandish characters and very big hearts. Both these books can be read-alouds for 5 to 7; or independent reading for ages 7 and 8.

The two middle-school books coincidentally are both somewhat science-themed, and both have boy protagonists. They are both relatively recently published books. The first is The Many Worlds of Albie Bright, with uses the laws of physics to help a young boy cope with loss of a parent. The second is a humorous but thoughtful book called Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth, which weaves saving the planet with a touching grandparent relationship. Both are excellent!

Thanks for caring about children's literature!
Laura Duggan

PS: I'm always grateful to readers who help expand our access to good children's books. Kerry of Mothering Arts shared this wonderful resource, called Diverse Bookfinder, a collation of multi-cultural children's picture books. Thanks, Kerry!

The Sign on Rosie's Door

Published: 1960
Theme: Imaginative Play
Best for: 5-7

“There was a sign on Rosie’s door. It read, ‘If you want to know a secret, knock three times.'” 

Pure delight is the best description for this classic, and not-well-known children’s book by beloved writer and illustrator, Maurice Sendak. 
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Oddfellow's Orphanage

Published: 2012
Theme: Kindness
Best for: 7 to 9

“The little girl peered out of the carriage and saw two bears lumbering quickly ahead, pulling the carriage through patches of twisting trees and over hills dotted with early blooms.” 

This book weaves the magical and unreality together in a way that you begin to feel you are reading an old-fashioned fairy tale, which in some ways it is. Read more ›

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

Published: 2016
Theme: Science and Heart
Best for: 9 to 12

“You’d think that going to your mum’s funeral on Tuesday would get you the rest of the week off, but not according to my dad. “We need to get back to normal,” he says when I try to protest.” 

This children’s book is a terrific merging of heart and mind, sincere feelings and contemporary science… 
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Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Published: 2017
Theme: Values, Humor, Science
Best for: 9 to 12

Now that I have proved that Earth does exist,” said Sputnik, “I have to prove that it should exist. Every planet has to have a reason…Useless planets are being shrunk all over the sky…” 

This book has a wonderful mix of good science, deep thought (Why are we here?) and sensitivity to the difficulty of aging… Read more

Thanks for supporting quality literature for children. It brightens our future.
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