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Dear Friends,
June in the Northern Hemisphere is a great time to make summer reading plans. Here are this month's books to get you started. First, a very dramatic fantasy-genre book, with two girl protagonists, is a parable for our times, addressing the ill-effects of leadership gone awry. It is called Sisters of Glass and best for older girls. 

There are two children's book series, good for 10 and up, based on mythology, both shepherded by Rick Riordin. The Percy Jackson series revolves around Greek myths, and a new series, Aru Shah and the End of Time, is based on Indian Mythology. Both are non-stop action.

Finally, a multicultural book set in India, Naming Maya, addresses the difficulty of divorce, and also dealing with differences in cultures.

In honor of the passing of acclaimed children's book author, Richard Peck, here are three of his books previously reviewed on Litkidz, which also make great summer reading:
Mouse with a Question Mark Tail
The Best Man
Here Lies the Librarian

Enjoy the books with your children. Read together!

Laura Duggan


Sisters of Glass

Published: 2017
Theme: Courage, Fantasy
Best for: Girls, 11 to 14

"We will rise. We will not, cannot, be controlled through fear or hatred, for we have hope. Those who greedily hoard their power will find it slips through their fingers like sand. We are free.”

This is a very dramatic fantasy, with two fabulous heroines leading us to right some wrongs… Read more

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Published:  2005
Theme: Greek Myths, Loyalty, Courage
Best for: 10 and up, especially boys

“The next few days I settled into a routine that felt almost normal, if you don’t count the fact that I was getting lessons from satyrs, nymphs, and a centaur.”

This wildly popular children’s book series, based on Greek mythology is non-stop action, not for the faint of heart… Read more ›

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Published: 2018
Theme: Indian Mythology, Courage
Best for: 9 to 11

People are a lot like magical pockets. They’re far bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside. And it was like that with Aru. She found a place deep within her that had been hidden until now…

The first in a series on Indian mythology, similar to Percy Jackson, but much funnier and much lighter, and much more girl-friendly… 
Read More

Naming Maya

Published: 2012
Theme: Genuine Kindness
Best for: Third Grade (8-10)

“Lakshmi Auntie drops Sumai off with us a couple of days later, and scurries a protesting Ashwin away for a haircut…The day promises to turn from plain hot to furnace hot.”

In this multicultural children’s book set in India, a young girl grapples with the divorce of her parents, and memory loss of a family friend.  
Read More
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