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Dear Friends,
Each time I find great children's books to add to Litkidz website, I'm reminded of the mission of Litkidz - to curate books for children that are both well-written and meaningful. I love this month's selection of books, each of which offers an important message.

Two historical fiction selections are both for somewhat older children, perhaps 11 and up. The Not-so-boring Letters of Private Nobody looks at the human element of the Civil War, while the Orphan Band of Springdale brings home the WWII (and present day) prejudice against foreigners. Both are extremely well-written.

Book Uncle and Me is a very simple story, set in India, for young children (7 and up) about taking action against injustice. Finally, Sky Dancer is a direct and compelling statement against the wanton hunting of animals, using grouse hunting in England as the example, great for boys 11 and up.

Have a wonderful reading month.
Laura Duggan

The Not-So-Boring Letters of Private Nobody

Published: 2018
Theme: Unglorious Civil War
Best for: 11 to 13

“He wasn’t sure why Ella had lied about texting her mom. All he knew was that she wasn’t the girl he’d thought she was. She was the girl who did magic tricks and listened to Mozart.”

Great historical fiction children’s book, featuring two very likeable 7th graders, who end up liking each other…. 
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The Orphan Band of Springdale

Published: 2018
Theme: Courage, Overcoming Prejudices
Best for: 11 and up

“Her father had a phrase for the way the sun catches things out against the darkness of a coming storm: the clear light of trouble, he called it.”

This excellent historical fiction is a timely addition to educating children about the dangers of xenophobism… Read more ›

Book Uncle and Me

Published: 2016
Theme: Community Activism
Best for: 7 - 9

“I know, I know. I’m giving away the ending. But here’s the thing. The point of a story is not the ending. The point is, What does it mean?”

It’s time to educate the young people about the power of community activism, in a gentle way. This book does that… 
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Sky Dancer

Published: 2017
Theme: Protecting Wildlife
Best for: Boys, 10 and up

““I’m a coward. There, I’ve said said it now. I’m a coward. It’s true. Dad never actually said it out loud but it was always in his eyes.”

This is a wonderful children’s book, that combines growing up with standing up for your own values. 
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Thanks for supporting quality literature for children. It brightens our future.
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