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Dear Friends,
April Showers means it's a great time to be inside with a good book. This month's collection is pretty eclectic. Let me lead with the best of the lot: newly-published Sky at Our Feet is a superb book, combining the contemporary social issue of immigration with a compelling (city-)adventure story for readers age 10 and up. A very well-written and important children's book for today's world.

Leaving the world of reality for the world of imagination, William Steig's classic Abel's Island is thought-provoking, warm-hearted, and good to read aloud.

For great laughs, I enjoyed Stick Cat: Cats in the City, pure fun, with a nice taste of depth for those who recognize the character development. Finally a historical fiction that is quite funny with a profound point about the dark side of war and knights: The Knight and the Squire (10 and up). There are other books with a similar name, but none makes the point that knighthood is not all that it's made out to be.

Have a wonderful reading month.
Laura Duggan

The Sky at our Feet

Published: 2018
Theme: Bravery, Immigration
Best for: 10 and up

“I’m terrified to see my mother being taken away. I want to pull her out of there, and hold her hand as we run back to our apartment. I don’t do any of that. I’m sacred and angry and sad.”

From beginning to end, this adventure in New York City brings us to see the immense courage of children in immigrant families under threat. 
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Abel's Island

Published: 1977
Theme: Creating Home
Best for: 6 and up

“The cave was full of chattering animals who’d been lucky enough to find this haven. There were several mice that Abel and Amanda knew, and a family of toads they had once met at a carnival.”

In this classic Steig children’s book, we meet a mouse who learns the value of home while being stranded on an island, and surviving very well. Read more ›

Stick Cats: Cats in the City

Published: 2017
Theme: Cats, Patience, and Kindness
Best for: 6-10

Edith sat back on her hind legs and licked her front left paw as she continued to speak. She stopped to examine the placement of each strand of fur every now and then.”

A hilarious and profound look at cats, personalities, patience, and courage. 
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The Knight and the Squire

Published: 1997
Theme: Reality and Humor
Best for: 9-12

“Now running away from home in the fourteenth century was by no means an easy thing to do. Everyone in the village would know exactly who you were… Nobody would be sitting inside watching television.”

A funny book with a serious message- maybe knights are not all they appear to be on the surface, and war is war, never nice. 
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