Join us as we feed the multitudes
....maybe we will have 5000 one day
La Ceiba - Atlantida - Honduras

The coming month's offering is going to be our 3rd harvest! We'll pick many pounds of fresh vegetables to give to hungry children.

Come down to Honduras with the family, and help us pick some new items and old favorites. We'll even have fresh roasted  coffee from Crimson Life Coffee and Texas-style sweet tea for the hard workers; so you can enjoy some refreshments while you love on the kids and help us stock their cupboards with healthy food for the months to come.


The coming month's bounty:


Our farmers will be there to harvest spinach, Chinese cabbage, large head lettuce, cauliflower, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers....and hopefully some banana peppers.


Now's the time to watch the fruit as it ripens. Next month will be the start of the watermelon and cantaloupe picking, we expect a huge harvest in the next 3 months.



I and my 16 year old son Jacob had the privilege of receiving in depth training from an organization in Tampa Florida named Morning-Star Fisherman. The training was in-depth hands on training in sustainability in Aquaponics, solar use, rain catch, planting on proper schedule, fish anatomy and seed saving for self sustainability. It is with these concepts we are hard are work here helping the needs of those that have no other opportunity in which to be able to survive with anything more than crumbling shacks for houses and rice and beans for nearly every meal.


We are branching out and growing quick. For this we need more teammates and sponsors.
So far we have built systems with the capacity to grow 2800 pounds of food (fish and vegetables) in a growing season...and we have 4 growing seasons here where we live...imagine the mouths that will be reached with quality, healthy, organic food grown with their help.

Due to this increase in systems ready to be built (26 so far) we at Crimson Outreach have teamed up with Connect Global. The founders of Connect Global have been long time friends and we value their contributions to the needs of the hurting around the world. Please welcome our new growth and partnership as it is God that set up this great collaboration.

As briefly mentioned above, we now have 26 systems that are either in design and planning stage, are funded and waiting, are still in the raising funds stage or already built and needing maintained.
26 systems will feed a great multitude of people. Some are small backyard systems and a few are community systems. Please join us as we conquer and cancel out the hunger in our area by teaching them to grow their own healthy vegetables with very little ground space and cost to work with. An Aquaponics system will give new crops year after year for decades to come.


Large freshwater, homegrown Tilapia.


See you here soon. Join up with us and come be a part of changing a child's world for a life time!

Locally yours,
The Chrzan Clan

We're building and growing more to feed more.

Want to help feed a Honduran family from your house?

Care to help us feed the kids in an orphanage?

Then please join us financially.

You can contribute through PayPal or send a check to the office.

If you would like a tax deductible receipt, please send contributions to
Connect Global
P.O. Box 47381
Tampa, FL 33646
Fund - Billy Chrzan - Missions
or electronically at  Connect Global.


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