News from John and Bonnie Nystrom -- November 22, 2021
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Show and tell: Typesetting complete! 
The dream of immediate diglot scripture publishing is now a reality. Praise the Lord with us! Over the weekend we completed typesetting 1-3 John and Jude in four languages (more coming soon). Pictured here are completed books in the Malol, Arop and Sissano languages. After 18 months of testing and improving the PTXPrint typesetting software, we can now typeset diglot scriptures the same day the translation is completed.
Even the captions are in diglot. When the translators asked to have the picture captions in both languages, I thought it would be impossible. But the PTXPrint developers had it working just days after we asked. 

Other features you can see here: Sissano is in a slightly larger font than the Tok Pisin side. The font is Andika, designed specifically for new readers. The page numbers, scripture references in the header and thumbtabs on the edges are all automatically generated. 
Our team printed these books on a laser printer in our translation office in Arop village just hours after I completed the typesetting in Florida.
Then they cut the pages, stapled them and taped the spine. 
And we had completed books, ready to read. Click on the picture to see a PDF of the complete book in Sissano and Tok Pisin. 
It's not all perfect, yet. The PTXPrint team is working on making it possible for us to balance paragraphs in the book introductions just as we currently can do in the scripture text. That was not quite ready for us to use by Friday, so we do have a couple of pages that look like this sample from the Sissano book. 
More reasons to be thankful 
It was fast. As I typeset Arop, I learned as I went and took my time, preparing a template and instructions for the rest of the team. But then I did Malol and Sissano in about 90 minutes each.

It was easy. Ben Pehrson, our team leader, successfully typeset 1-3 John and Jude in diglot form for the Goiniri language within hours of beginning to use PTXPrint

We can all do it. This bodes well for training the translators to do their own typesetting, and cutting our scripture print publishing backlog down from two years to two hours. 

It's a huge answer to prayer. In August 2020, January this year, and earlier this month, I asked you to pray as we chased the dream of immediate diglot scripture publishing. That dream is now a reality. 

The investment paid off. I invested a lot of time and effort in this because I expected huge dividends for our team. Now it's happening! 

The impact will be bigger than we thought. Diglot scriptures are not needed everywhere, but their use is increasing as bilingualism increases around the world. And in some places, like India, it is common for languages to be written in more than one script (alphabet). The diglot typesetting process can also be used for "discript" scriptures in dozens if not hundreds of languages. See some examples here

Thank you for your part in helping us make this investment. May the Lord cause a huge flood of beautifully-formatted scriptures that the Holy Spirit will use to speak clearly to people's hearts in the languages and scripts they understand best. 

Some more things to pray about

Translation progress continues. Pray for all of us as the translators continue their workshop for another two weeks, polishing John and drafting Ephesians 2. I will check their work and then help Arop translators Emil Ninkure and Vianney Pirora, who are pressing ahead with the rest of Ephesians and Colossians. 

I'm staying home. I'm disappointed not to be heading to PNG in Jan/Feb due to rapidly changing COVID travel regulations and recent team schedule changes. Pray for wisdom as we figure out when it would be most helpful for the team for me to go next year. 

Bonnie's dad is probably heading home soon. Please pray for Bonnie and her family as they care for her dad, Carlos LeClair, who is under hospice care next door and apparently is in his last weeks of life. Tomorrow (Nov. 23) is his 91st birthday. 

Thank you again for your partnership with us in so many ways. 

Serving our King together,

John Nystrom (& for Bonnie)

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