News from John and Bonnie Nystrom -- June 8, 2022 
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"I was born in this language and 
I understand everything"
This group of Arop speakers attended the Scripture Use workshop in Arop village last week. They learned a lot about how to study the Bible. Note the word "Eksegisis" (exegesis) in Pidgin on the blackboard. They also got lots of practice reading it and applying it. Click this link to hear them read a passage from 1 John 4, using the books I typeset in November.
These Arop men are practicing reading 1-3 John and Jude in their own language. They had reading fluency practice twice each day. The workshop leaders said, "A lot of times when we had finished the reading practice, the participants kept on reading and talking about it. They were so excited and interested in reading in their own languages, that they couldn’t stop!"

One of them said, "I can read English and Pidgin and I can understand, but some parts are not clear to me. And when I read my own language, it's like, I was born in this language and I understand everything I read in my own language. I completely understand the meaning."

Workshop participants also discussed with each other how to apply what they were learning to how they act toward their families, their churches and their communities. 
Three women from Malol said, "We will go back to our village and teach others what we learned from 1-3 John and Jude, and some other things." These ladies also wrote a song in their language that says, "The True Talk is in my stomach, Aleluya." Here two of them practice reading aloud together in their own language.
I can't read it, but I know it looks great! This is the first page of a test copy of John's gospel in the Nali language, which I had the privilege of typesetting over the weekend for our friend Sue Pfaff, who is carrying on the work in Nali after her husband, Jerry, passed away last fall. The Nali team have translated John, but they need to test it in their villages before a consultant can check it and approve it for publication.

Normally, Sue would just print it out in a very basic format. But now that we can typeset a book quickly and easily, it's finally practical to test scripture drafts in the format in which we intend to publish them so people can learn how to use features like footnotes and cross-references long before we publish a completed New Testament. Sue told me this morning that 25 copies of those booklets have been printed and are on their way to Manus Island. Click or tap to see the whole book. 
More happenings
When trying to find the right words is frustrating as as Emil and I work our way through Colossians and Matthew, seeing our teammates put our earlier work to use and hearing about how excited people are to read God's Word in their language is a huge motivational shot in the arm. I'm in Matthew 6 today.  

This week Emil is in a "Dealing with Conflict Biblically" workshop along with several other translators.

These last two weeks Bonnie has been in Charlotte, NC for a Jaars Board meeting and helped our son, Eric, and his family move into their new house in Fayetteville, GA. Now she's in FL caring for her family. She hopes to return here to Wisconsin on Saturday. 

It is a privilege to be part of a team that is seeing God's Word impacting people's lives. Please pray that we will do everything we do in ways that glorify our Lord Jesus and help draw people to him. 

Thank you for being part of all this. 

Serving our King together,

John (& for Bonnie) 

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Since 1987 we have been training local Papua New Guinean church leaders to translate the Bible into their own languages and coaching them through the process from first draft to publication.

We serve in the Aitape West Translation Project, which is producing and distributing Bible translations in 11 languages in print, electronic, audio, and video form; training local people to use the translations; and training the local translators to help other translators do the same in still more languages. 

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