News from the Nystroms--August 30, 2019
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I quit! 


This week I quit trying to work on translation and build our support team at the same time. 

We love to see people receiving God's Word in the languages that speak to and transform their hearts. It is a great privilege to coach the translators as they struggle to find the best ways to translate God's precious message into their own languages, and to train them to help other translators in other languages. I absolutely love working with them. 

But this week, I had to quit doing that, hopefully for a short time. 

Since we arrived in PNG in August 1987, we have enjoyed the support of many faithful partners, including many of you. But over the last few years, our support level has steadily decreased. It is now the lowest it has been in many years. 

We can no longer ignore this. We need to see it increase by $2000 a month before I can return to working with the translators. 

So for now, I am working full time on building our support team.  

This is placing a heavy burden on the rest of the translation team. 90% of my work is helping Emil Ninkure and Pastor Peter Marokiki improve their Arop translation to the point where translators from nine other languages can use it as their starting point. I am the only other team member who speaks their language. This makes it all the harder for my teammates to do my part of the team's work. But they are doing this while continuing to carry their already-heavy loads.

The work we are doing bears fruit that lasts forever in the lives of almost 21,000 people in the Aitape West region who are encountering God's Word in their own languages for the first time. So of course I want to get back to work with the translators as soon as possible. We need help to make that happen.  

If you're not already part of our support team, would you prayerfully consider joining us?

If you already are partnering with us, would you prayerfully consider increasing what you are already giving? 

See the instructions below if you are interested in partnering with us, and please let us know what you intend to do. 

Please pray that the Lord would raise up the partners he wants to join our team. 

And pray for wisdom, sensitivity, and boldness for Bonnie and me as we personally invite people to join our team. 

Please pray for Bonnie as she helps her family in the Tampa Bay area prepare for the coming hurricane, and as she prepares for Wycliffe Board meetings next week. 

Thank you for your part in bringing the best news to people who need to hear it clearly. 

Serving our King together,

John Nystrom (& for Bonnie)
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