News from John and Bonnie Nystrom -- March 31, 2020
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I could see on my computer screen that Emil had highlighted this phrase and was about to change it. 
Grateful for a computer problem because Plan B is better

Brief version: The sound problem on Emil's computer prompted us to try a different method of working together (Plan B), which worked much better than our Plan A. I've never been more grateful for a computer problem! The Lord's answer was so much better than our request. 
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Last night Arop translator Emil Ninkure and I went to Plan B. "B" for Better.

Plan A was to discuss the translation while he made the changes on his computer and I looked on. But his computer's sound still won't work. He had to use a second computer for our voice call while still working on the translation on his own computer. This meant I could not see the translation as he edited it. He had to keep reading back to me the changes he was making. That works, but it's a slow and error-prone way to work together. 

Then we tried Plan B: "Paratext Live," a feature of our translation software that allows us both to edit the translation at the same time and see each other's changes in real time. If he inserted a word on his computer, I saw it appear instantly on mine. 

We tried this before, but we could never get it to work. But last night it worked brilliantly, perhaps partly due to our new Internet connection, and partly due to missionary software engineers improving it

By working together live, we combined these 4 steps in our usual translation process and finished revising John 13 quickly: 

1) Emil revises a chapter. 
2) I check it and make suggestions. 
3) Emil makes changes based on my suggestions. 
4) I check Emil's changes. 

If the change is not quite right, sometimes we need two more steps as Emil revises again and I check it again. 

All of that happens at once when we work together live. 

So we are grateful for Emil's computer sound problem

Our next live session is Thursday night my time. Until then, we'll both continue to improve various parts of John 11-13 as some of our teammates also check these chapters carefully and make suggestions. 

With so many things disrupted, we are grateful that we can continue to deliver God's Word for people who have never had it in their own languages.

And we are grateful for all of you who continue to partner with us through your prayers, gifts, and encouragement. 

Serving our King together,

John Nystrom (& for Bonnie)
Praise and Prayer
Praise the Lord with us for

* A computer sound problem that led us to a better way to work together. The Lord's answer was so much better than our request! 
* Missionary computer experts who tune satellite Internet antennas and who build crucial tools like Paratext Live. 
* Good progress on translation. 

Please pray for

* Emil Ninkure as he tries to make time for translation amidst all his other responsibilities. 
* Pastor Peter Marokiki as he continues to work on the Arop Old Testament.
* Emil, Peter, and me as we also make needed changes in John 1-10 and Philippians. 
* That many people in the Aitape West area would find comfort in this crisis as they hear from God in his Word in their own languages. 
* Leaders everywhere in Wycliffe and the rest of the Bible Translation movement who are all seeking the Lord's leading in the middle of this crisis. 

* Bonnie and me as we continue to serve our elderly parents and seek to keep them safe. 

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