ASGH Newsletter - February 2016
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Happy February! Last month saw the celebration of Makar Sankranti and 67th Republic Day of India! Acharya Surya Nandaji will be discussing Chapter 13th of Gita in the Pravachan of Sunday Satsang in February month.
What's Happening:
Sunday Pravachans continue on 13th chapter of Gita.
Holi Celebrations in March - watch for details coming up
DAV Montessori School: 
Book Fair - Feb 5- 12
Open House - Feb 13 from 10 - 12
DAV Sanskriti School: 
Annual Maharshi Dayanand Contest - Feb. 14th 
Shlokathon - February 28
Mid Semester Testing - March 6
In Community:
Dr. Harish Chandra presents "Hinduism: Ideal Choice for Youth Moving from Faith to Spirituality" on Sat 5 Feb at HSA, UT Austin.
Chennai Clothing Drive 
We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people who donated generously for this effort. On Jan 19, we sent a 20ft container with 320+ boxes and suitcases full of Indian and Western clothes for Men, Women & Children to Tamilnadu Foundation and Rotary International of Chennai. This was first time Arya Samaj Greater Houston did a project involving the collection, packing and shipping, we accomplished it with help of many. A very BIG thanks to our Yuva and parents of AYM, who sorted and packed all the boxes, under leadership of Sanjay Ahuja ji. Our expert shipper Jai Agrawal ji made the process simple and reduced costs. Thanks to many adults who came on Saturday and Sunday to load the container. Your hard work will help thousands with the clothing. Access clothes are donated to Salvation Army.
DAV Montessori School:
All prospective parents are invited to meet the teachers and tour the school on Saturday, Feb 13 from 10-12. Learn about the magic of Montessori as well as about the expanded elementary school
Book Fair:
The always popular Usborne Book Fair is returning from Feb. 5-12 with a special day for DAVSS  families on Sunday Feb. 14.

Republic Day Celebration:
DAV Montessori is celebrating Republic Day on Friday Jan. 29.  The KG thru 4th grade students will be
performing speeches on topics ranging from Indian leaders, Republic Day celebrations in India, and poems by great Indian poets.  Towards the goal of educating our children in both cultures, they will also incorporate "I Have a Dream" speeches to honor MLK day.

DAV Sanskriti School

With the spirit of 26th January and the enthusiasm and patriotism for the nation, DAVSS family celebrated India's Republic Day wore white and tricolor costumes to salute our Nation. On Sunday 24th January together with flag hoisting and National Anthem, students of Music elective along with their teacher and tabla master presented a melodious song which mesmerized parents and other kids.
Yummy Ladoos were distributed after the celebration which always caters all age groups. The Child Speaker Kavya Tomar spoke about the Republic Day of India. Every Indian whether elderly, kid, adults, young kids, looks at the Parade with a sense of pride.

DAV Sanskriti School is holding its annual Maharshi Dayanand Contest on Feb. 14th on account of his birth anniversary on 12th Feb. This year's competition include Reciting the Arya Samaj's 10 Principles in Hindi and Name of the Books Authored by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati (the founder of Arya Samaj). Every child should choose one of the above two contests.  
On 30th January at Unity Church (organized by Gandhi Library) DAVSS singing and dancing group presented their shows based on Shrandhanjali to Mahatama. Dance & music students presented a shot performance on  on 31st Jan. in the School Premisse. 

Few glimpses attached.  

Body Mind & Soul: Hall, Glass Shell & Lamp Filament
- Acharya Dr. Harish Chandra, Ved-Ratna
Our soul is a tiny point-like non-material singularity whereas body is gross, made of matter. Question: how they function together because their properties are vastly different. Answer: they are connected through mind that has intermediate properties, made of smallest sub-atomic particles of matter. YajurVeda 34.6 says that the soul is enveloped in a tiny shell of mind:     हृत्प्रतिष्ठं यदजिरं जविष्ठं तन्मे मनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु
Continuing with the analogy of a lamp (soul) in a hall (body), we modify it that a glass shell (mind) surrounds the filament (soul). In other words, the lamp is actually the mind-soul combine. Upon death, the soul enveloped by mind departs from the body. In that sense, mind is immortal too until the soul has attained Moksha. All the knowledge and skills we have gathered in the present life form the impressions in our mind (called Samsakaars), embedded in our mind-soul combine as it travels from one body to another.

Arya Samaj Library:

The library is reaching out to members to return books that have been checked out over the last few years. If you have any books from Arya Samaj, please bring them back to the library. For more information, please contact Rajeev Khanna or email

Acharya Surya Nanda:;
281-752-0100 / 832-867-4126

Acharya Harish Chandra:; 832-874-3248
DAV Montessori School:
Arti Khanna:; 
DAV Sanskriti School:
Dr. Kavita Vachaknavee or Sanjay Nayyar;; 832-874-3376

Regular Activities:

Tuesday: 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Sanskrit and Gita classes

Wednesday: 6.00pm - 7.00pm
Patanjali Meditation

Thursday: 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Beginner Sanskrit and Yoga Darshan classes

Saturday: 8:00-9:30am
Yoga Classes

8:00-9:30 am - Yoga Classes
9:45 am-12 noon - DAV Sanskriti School
10:00am-12noon - Satsang

Listen to Acharya ji's Sunday Pravachan  For more information about Sunday satsang and yajmans please Click here.     To become yajman please contact Payal Talwar or Acharaya Surya Nanda ji. 

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