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“Remember, young lady, you have to think beyond what you know to be real. You have to see with your mind as well as your eyes.” The old man pulled his glasses down to the end of his nose and looked at her. “Be careful, Miss Morrow. Please be very careful.”" ~ Larry Lovell
The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow
Dear Friends,
November has arrived, and here in New England we're getting ready to bundle up. December's just around the corner, and we're excited to deliver the mystery of the Begonia House to you. We've got some tricks up our sleeve this month, so stay tuned!

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Fear not the unexpected.
Eleven-year-old Fairday Morrow is less than thrilled that her family is moving thousands of miles from civilization to the quiet country town of Ashpot, CT, where she's absolutely certain she'll die of boredom.

As if leaving Manhattan and her best friend Lizzy, the only other member of her elite Detective Mystery Squad, weren't bad enough, Fairday is stuck living in the infamous Begonia House, a creepy old Victorian with dark passageways, a gigantic dead willow tree, and a mysterious past.

Before she can even unpack, strange music coming from behind a padlocked door leads Fairday up a spiral staircase and into a secret room, where she finds an ancient mirror, a brass key, and a curious portrait of a red-haired lady. These seemingly unrelated items prove to be the first in a series of clues that takes Fairday, the visiting Lizzy, and their new squad member, Marcus, on an amazing adventure.

Can the members of the Detective Mystery Squad piece together the puzzle before it's too late? Or will whatever's causing trouble find Fairday and her friends first?


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To Kill A Mockingbird- 11/30/14
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