Onward: Next Steps & Thank Yous
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Dear Infusers,

This is the letter I never wanted to write, but in the words of Dan Wilson from Semisonic: “It’s closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

We know we can’t stay here any longer. After three years of working to encourage teachers trying to make thinking visible, we have come to the realization that we cannot sustain Infuse Learning as a free educational service at this time. We have run into technical hurdles that we are unable to overcome with the resources at our disposal. We know how important every moment of class time and preparation is for you and we do not want you to go on in frustration with the existing inconsistent experience.

We never released a paid version of the product because we were unable to fully execute the vision our small startup team had in mind. We know every dime spent by schools and educators should bring paramount value and an unparalleled experience. We were not willing to compromise on the high standards we set for ourselves regarding a paid product and, ultimately, could not deliver the experience and value we demanded of ourselves.

We plan to keep the service up until April 3, 2015 at which time we will be shutting down our servers. We hope this gives you time to find an alternative formative assessment tool and export any quiz or other assessment data.  

We cannot fully thank you, our users.  We were encouraged and motivated everyday by your enthusiasm, support, patience, and authentic praise! We have kept things going as long as we have in hopes of finding a way to make things work for you. It is our hope that on the days things were running smoothly, Infuse Learning made an impact in your classrooms providing unique learning opportunities and differentiated experiences for your students. 

We fully believe in our mini-manifesto and our team will go on to empower educators, doing work that matters.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end…” 


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