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Book Distribution and Story Reading Day

On 24 July Unison organised Book Distribution and Story Reading Day for ethnic minority children who joined our online Chinese Enhancement Class and Online Tutoring Class. We did three 1-hour sessions where teachers and volunteers read Chinese story books and interacted with the children and parents in Cantonese. After the story reading session, Unison distributed the Chinese story books to the families and gave parents tips on how to support their children in reading the books. Each child got a chance to choose 3-5 books to take home. We are grateful to our book donor and to the volunteers to contribute to Unison's mission of ehancing Chinese language learning of ethnic minority children.

在七月廿四日,融樂會為中文輔導班及網上中文補習班的小學生舉辦了一個講故事活動。在三節各一小時的故事環節中, 五位義工與退休教師用廣東話為小朋友講講故事,和他們聊聊天。然後,我們向每個參與活動的家庭派發童書,並講述如何活用這些書本。希望這些圖書,能為他們帶來美好的親子時光吧!

DSE Result Day Support

On 21 July Unison teams provided in-person support to ethnic minority DSE students in 3 schools. We also provided virtual support on Zoom and via phone calls and WhatsApp. Our teams guided the students to choose programs, calculate scores and pay attention to conversion of alternative Chinese exams. Our capable team also gave emotional support to anxious students. Our DSE support kit got over 300 clicks and teachers and students found the kit very useful and accurate. 
在七月二十一日, 融樂會分別在三間中學為應屆文憑試少數族裔學生提供面對面的支援。我們亦透過電話、Zoom、WhatsApp提供網上支援服務。我們為學生選科提供指引,協助他們計算成績分數,又提醒他們須注意中文科替代成績轉換。我們同時為感到焦慮的同學提供情緒支援。我們本年度的文憑試支援懶人包更獲超過三百次點擊,老師、學生皆感資料準確有用。


Tutors Sharing Meeting 補習導師分享

On 29 July Unison had a catchup with the tutors of the Online Tutoring Program in the form of a Tutors Sharing Meeting. The tutors shared their experiences and also the progress of the students in Chinese. With the increase in Chinese proficiency, we found the confidence level of the students has increased and they are more willing to use the language.   



Parents talk on Kindergarten Admission

On 28 July Unison delivered a talk for parents on kindergarten admission at Catholic Diocese of HK pastoral centre for workers. As all parents were Nepalese and Pakistani the talk was done in Urdu with interpretation in Nepali language. We spoke of admission procedure, selection criteria, factors to consider when choosing a school and admission support measures for ethnic minority. The parents found the talk valuable. 

在七月二十八日,融樂會在天主教勞工牧民中心為少數族裔家長舉辦講座,主題為幼稚園入學。與會家長皆為尼泊爾裔及巴基斯坦裔, 講座以烏爾都語進行,並附尼泊爾語即場翻譯。我們講授了入學程序、收生準則、選校考慮及各種為少數族裔而設的入學支援措施。家長皆大感有用。

Unison Talk

On 29 July we conducted the popular Unison Talk. We spoke of difficulties ethnic minority communities face & Unison's mission and work to strive for racial equality. The talk was interactive and there was a fruitful discussion among the attendees. 


Unison Community Project – Ment for Change
融樂會社區計劃動向:Ment for Change

In July Ment For Change, one of the Unison Community Projects held four mentorship sessions on Saturdays, which included a briefing session and topic-focused sessions. Each session started with interactive discussions on a specific topic by mentors and mentees and later on the mentors and mentees were paired 1-1 to discuss the career and study needs and concerns of mentees. The topics that were discussed are study tips, setting goals, and educational pathways.

融樂會的社區計劃隊伍 Ment for Change,在整個七月的星期六,共舉辦了四次少數族裔學生輔導環節。每次都會以分組討論、小組遊戲形式,引領導師與學生相互認識,然後再將學生、導師兩兩分組,讓導師可以直接按學生需要給予指導、意見。至今,輔導已涵括了「學習技巧」、「設立目標」及「升學途徑」三大主題。

Unison Community Project - CEVC

In July Unison Community project- Community Engagement Voluntary Club (CEVC) organised local tours in the journey to unite local Chinese and local people from diverse races. In order to eliminate discrimination and stereotypes, the tour for the Chinese was led by a Hong Kong-born - Pakistani who shared his story of growing up in Hong Kong to connect with attendees. Such community projects are instrumental to build a bridge amongst communities and long-lasting friendships.

在七月,融樂會的社區計劃隊伍 CEVC 舉辦了數次本地導賞團,連繫不同族裔的參加者。為了消除歧視與偏見,導賞團由一位本地土生土長的巴基斯坦裔青年帶領,由他分享自己的生長故事,藉此構建不同本地社群間的連結及友誼。

Unison Community Project - EMs for EMs
融樂會社區計劃動向:EMs for EMs

In this month Unison Community Project- EMs for EMs collaborated with Zubin Foundation to provide a series of Mental Health Webinar which focuses on conflict resolution and supporting community, The project leads reached out to Eminentable Education, a social enterprise that designs board games and learning materials, to provide Chinese classes for ethnic minority students. Good job! Project Leads!

在七月,融樂會社區計劃 EMs for EMs 與小彬紀念基金會合作,為少數族裔提供一系列精神健康網絡工作坊,主題為消解衝突及支援社區;除此之外,他們亦與桌賢教育(一個專門設計桌上遊戲、教材的社會企業)合作,為少數族裔提供中文班。加油!

Media Digest 媒體摘要

We are looking for smart, organized and capable individuals who are passionate about social justice and racial equality. If you fit the description, please reach out to us for internship or volunteering opportunities!


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