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Scholarship Closing Ceremony

It’s a wrap! We concluded yet another outstanding year of Unison Scholarship Programme at the Closing Ceremony on 29 August. Scholarships were awarded to 26 and 13 students respectively under the Tertiary Education Scheme and the Chinese Performance Scheme in 2020. This year 5 awardees graduated from university and now working in NGOs, pursing PGDE program at CUHK, and working in a biomedical engineering company while pursuing masters at HKUST. We are extremely proud of the graduates!  We are also grateful to our donors for their continued support without which the Scholarship Programme cannot be realized! We look forward to the new batch of 2021 awardees. Stay tuned for updates!


我們在 8 月 29 日的閉幕典禮,正是這一屆融樂會奬學金計劃的完美落幕。 去年分別有26名和13名同學獲得高等教育學生和中國表現獎學金,一年匆匆過去,今年共有5位得獎者大學畢業。當中兩位已開始在非政府組織工作、一位擔任英語導師、一位在中大攻讀PGDE課程、還有一位在科技大學攻讀生物技術碩士學位的同時也在生物醫學工程公司工作。我們對畢業同學的表現感到驕傲!

我們非常感謝我們的捐助者對獲獎者和融樂會 的持續支持。我們期待2021年新一批得獎者的誕生!

Meeting with CUHK Diversity and Inclusion Office

On 3 August, the Diversity and Inclusion Office from CUHK visited Unison to discuss how to foster inclusion on campus. We had a fruitful meeting and are looking forward to collaborations and events with them. Keep an eye out for us in CUHK!

Focus Group on Policy Address Consultation

On 26 August Unison organised a focus group discussion on Policy Address submission with ethnic minority youth. We discussed current policies, social issues faced by ethnic minority communities and what changes they want to see in the coming year. The group will send their submission to Policy Address Consultation 2021. You can give you views directly to the government at
在八月二十六日, 融樂會為本年度的施政報告諮詢舉辦了一次焦點小組討論,邀請了多位少數族裔青少年參與。我們談及當前的支援少數族裔的政策、他們面對的社會議題,又討論了他們冀望在來年見到的改變。會後,小組將會整合眾人意見為一份意見書,送交2021施政報告公眾諮詢。你也可以透過以下網站向政府表達意見

Unison Community Project updates: C.E.V.C.

In August, our Community Project Lead, Hafiz of C.E.V.C, has made his first collaboration with Green Sense-a local NGO that focuses on environmental consciousness. He helped the organization with its videos and activities and he also pitched his initiative to the organisation. Look forward to seeing the fruits of the collaboration!

在八月,融樂會的社區計劃隊伍C.E.V.C. 的Hafiz 與本地非政府組織綠色觸覺進行了他們的首次合作。綠色觸覺為一個推動本港環保意識的機構。Hafiz協助他們拍攝影片及推廣活動,同時向他們推介自己的初創項目,尋求合作機會。期待見到他們的合作成果!


Unison Community Project updates: Be/longing 
融樂會社區計劃動向: Be/longing

From 1-22 August, our community project team, Be/longing held an exhibition in the Chung King Mansion. The building is famous for cultural diversity where many ethnicities converge; which makes it the perfect place for an exhibition that explores the unique identity issues of local ethnic minorities of Hong Kong. The exhibition is a collection of food photos and poetry from different ethnicities living in Hong Kong. Through the exhibition Project Leads, Christine and Erika, want to eliminate the prejudices that most people have on Chung King Mansion and minority ethnic groups in Hong Kong. 

由八月一日至二十二日,融樂會的社區計劃隊伍Be/longing 在重慶大廈舉辦相片展覽。重慶大廈以其全球化程度聞名,在該處舉辦一個探討本地少數族裔身份議題的展覽,可謂再合適不過。展覽分為食物寫真及詩歌兩部分,皆由少數族裔朋友操刀。策展人Erika 與Christine希望藉此消除人們對重慶大廈與少數族裔的偏見。


One-on-one Online Tutoring: EM tutors to EM students
一對一補習班 - 少數族裔導師對少數族裔學生

Unison's One-to-one OnlineTutoring Program concluded in August. We matched ethnic minority youth ie tutors with ethnic minority primary and secondary students ie tutees. The tutors have put a lot of time and effort into tutoring Chinese to the tutees including Chinese homework support, practicing speaking, preparing for dictations and tests, reading storybooks, and learning new vocabularies. The tutors can relate to the struggles of the tutees as they faced similar difficulties and hence are able to guide and motivate the children well. The fact that they are able to communicate in their mother tongue for a clearer explanation has been an advantage too. Tutees' Chinese writing has improved and as a result their confidence has increased. The overall feedback from the parents and tutees is positive. 

Some of them say: 
“My son got Chinese improvement award this second term”
“My daughter’s Chinese ability improved and her attitude towards doing local Chinese curriculum has been more positive”
“My child is able to do homework by themselves”
“My son is excited about upcoming Chinese programmes. I am so happy and satisfied. Thank you Unison”


“My son got Chinese improvement award this second term”
“My daughter’s Chinese ability improved and her attitude towards doing Local Chinese curriculum has been more positive”
“My child is able to do homework by themselves”
“My son is excited about upcoming Chinese programmes. I am so happy and satisfied. Thank you Unison”

Exploring Identity

On 15 August Unison conducted Exploring Identity workshop for ethnic minority youth. Through interactive and engaging activity we led the youth to understand what shapes their identity and be more confident and articulate to express themselves. We spoke of unconscious bias, personal and social identity and introduced the element of social justice & identity. 

在八月十五日,融樂會為少數族裔青年舉辦了一個身份探索工作坊。透過活動中的互動參與,我們讓他們認識到有哪些因素形塑他們的自我身份, 又鼓勵他們更自信表達自我。此外,我們也論及無意識的偏見、個人與社會身份,及社會公義、身份的概念。


Computer Distribution

Thank you to the support of Mr. Cawsi Lilauwala and friends, Unison distributed re-furbished desktops and laptops to needy ethnic minority families during the month of August to support the education of young people.

融樂會感謝 Mr. Cawsi Lilauwala and friends 捐贈二手電腦。我們在八月份已將電腦發給有需要的少數族裔家庭,讓學生們在疫情下可以繼續學習。

VR Party for scholarship awardees
為獎學金同學的VR 派對

On 22 August , our awardees tried a new form of bonding activity - VR games! It was our first time to put on VR goggles and step into the machines for whole new experience. We went into a horrifying haunted house and fought along side each other against waves of zombies. The excitement was palpable. We screamed a lot but we enjoyed every moment of it!
在本月二十二日,我們和一班得奬同學嘗試了新的團隊凝聚力玩意: VR 遊戲。大家都是第一次戴上VR 眼罩、站在機器中一同參與VR 遊戲,穿過恐怖鬼屋、在喪屍群中合作殺敵,在尖叫聲中享受有趣體驗!

Welcome New Staff: 

Hi! My name is Shama and I'm the newest member of the Unison team. I'm a first generation Bangladeshi raised in Hong Kong. After graduating from HKU, I taught at a school with brilliant and funny kids mostly with origins from South and Southeast Asia. They were my biggest source of entertainment and pride over the years (and will probably continue to be)! My current work and research interests lie in community building, education, mental health among minority youth, and helping young people from my community discover their passions and find their place in life with the support of their family and friends. Excited to meet lots of like-minded people on this new journey!


Media Digest 媒體摘要

We are looking for smart, organized and capable individuals who are passionate about social justice and racial equality. If you fit the description, please reach out to us for internship or volunteering opportunities!


Hong Kong Unison would like to express our gratitude to our
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