Charlotte Street, FBFC, and Biltmore Park markets start this week!

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Eat at Isis!
... And enjoy a live show while you're at it! 

Isis Restaurant and Music Hall is now using lots of Dry Ridge Farm eggs for their brunch and baking, and they've been whipping up some awesome specials featuring Dry Ridge rabbit, lamb, chorizo, and pork sausages.

Graham and I went there for dinner a few weeks ago. The chorizo stuffed pork chop is out of this world! 

Spring Markets!
Oh the joy! Farmers' market season returns this week, and we have our first outdoor Saturday market tomorrow!!  You can also find us mid-week at two Wednesday markets that started this week!  Our freezer is jam-packed full of pork, and we'll have all our chicken products starting April 19th!

Our Spring/Summer/Fall market schedule:

Asheville City Market - Saturdays 8am-1pm
161 S. Charlotte Street, Asheville

French Broad Food Coop Market - Wed 2-6pm
90 Biltmore Ave, Asheville

Asheville City Market- South - Wed 1-5pm
Biltmore Park Town Square (off exit 37 on I-26)

We're seeing signs of Spring all around us, and we are delighted. What's Springtime mean for us? 
- Grass soaking up all the winter mud.
- Pigs moving out of their winter housing (next week!) and trotting through their pastures, munching on grass... and trying to turn it all back into mud...
- Lambing starting May 5th!
- Lots of baby rabbits! We have about 50 as of last week, after two months of rabbits simply refusing to breed.
- Chicken's back in season! This is our second delivery of chicks. Our first batch of chickens is growing quickly and out on our fields already (eating up the bug larvae in our garden field so we don't have to battle so many pests this summer).

- And the two cutest additions to the Dry Ridge Farm menagerie, goslings! ... who will be in charge of chasing off those vicious raccoons, possums, and "chicken hawks" that think our chickens are delightful snacks.

- And of course, winter's last (hopefully) hurrah last week.

It sure was pretty, but we're ready for these daffodils and everything that comes after them.

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