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September 24, 2020

Alaska Adventists Reelect Leadership Team

Delegates to the 18th regular Alaska Conference constituency session voted Sunday, September 20, to reelect conference president, Kevin Miller, and the entire leadership team. Delegates gathered in person and via video conference to conduct the business of the Adventist Church in Alaska. The Arctic Seventh-day Adventist Church was also voted into the sisterhood of churches. The church is unique in that it is located in Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow) and is considered the northernmost Adventist church in the world.

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Special Fire Relief Offerings

Fires in Oregon, Washington and throughout the Northwest have destroyed lives, communities and property. Enable Adventist disaster relief volunteers to take action in the wake of these fires. Your financial gifts will provide immediate relief to survivors and assist with long-term recovery efforts.

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How Oregon Conference Helps Fire Evacuees

Dan Weber, North American Division communication director, talks to Jonathan Russell and Andy Villanueva from the Oregon Conference on how the Adventist Church has responded to the needs of the local communities after more than 100,000 people needed to evacuate due to the recent fires in their territory. Click to watch this interview.

Times of the Sign

What can we do? What could our churches do, in this moment, to address the continued injustice and oppression faced by the black community? Explore what this Adventist church and pastor did.


Grow Your Church

The North Pacific Union is gearing up to start another Growing Young cohort for churches and schools that want to better engage their young people. Joining the 2020–2021 cohort gives you access to digital summits, webinars, coaching and the Growing Young Assessment. This year, the cohort and all summits will be facilitated through Zoom. The registration deadline is Oct. 2.

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Before You Reopen Your House of Worship, Consider This

Is there a spiritual imperative for houses of worship that can be met only by conducting in-person services? And does that imperative outweigh the very real physical risks?


COVID-19 Myths vs. Facts

Is your social media feed full of posts about the coronavirus? How can you know what to believe? Dr. Joseph Kim of Adventist Health Portland weighs in on some COVID-19 myths vs. facts.

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Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week
Marmot Posing for the Camera, Mt. Rainier, Washington Credit: Stephan Ilie
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The Future of Missions

Data shows that young people are more cautious about the words they use to describe the goals and reasons behind sharing their faith with others, something older generations are less apt to do. So what words should church leaders and parents use when discussing missions with younger believers?

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Help, My Church Is Dying!

Every church has a life cycle. So what do you do when the whole thing is headed to the morgue? How do you revitalize a dying church?

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