Volume 15 Issue 10

Ideas, Inspiration & Opportunities for Adventist Church Leaders in the Northwest & Beyond.

Feeling Stressed Out?

by César De León PhD LMFT, Ministerial Director for the North Pacific Union Conference

Well, after eight months of Covid monitoring, and social isolation, one of the most contentious election seasons in American history, on-going racial tensions and equities, an increasing number of people we know, getting sick or being laid off . . . Feeling stressed out seems to be part of a developing “new normal.”
The most important question we must ask ourselves isn’t “what stressors are impacting my life?”  Rather, “How am I responding to or managing the stressors in my life?”   
HOW we respond to life stressors—real or imagined—is a life or death matter.
If we tend to respond to our changing life circumstances with a mostly positive, optimistic attitude and are experiencing a growing faith and confidence in a loving God, even in the midst of growing unknowns, then, our positive mindset is aiding our immune system so that it will optimally and efficiently fight threatening invaders.   
If, on the other hand, we are one of the tens of millions of people who were imprinted (in their earliest years) to respond to unpleasant events and circumstances with negative or pessimistic thoughts (for example: "Only bad things happen to me;” "I've always been unlucky and I'll never be happy"), or if our default emotions in uncertain circumstances are debilitating fear, generalized anxiety, or uncontrollable worry, then it is urgent that we take a few minutes to ponder upon the very pivotal relationship that exists between experiencing chronic stress and dis-eases leading to early death.
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Science Falsely so Called

by Dr. Stan Hudson, who served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor for 38 years and is currently the Director of Creation Ministries at the North Pacific Union Conference

“I have been warned that henceforth we shall have a constant contest.  Science,  so-called, and religion will be placed in opposition to each other, because finite men do not comprehend the power and greatness of God.”  Ev 593.

Duh!  Ever since Charles Darwin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Religion from Cambridge in England, religion has been threatened by “so-called science.”  People forget that Darwin’s primary training was in religion.  He was thinking of becoming a country parson, able to delve into his hobbies, like the study of nature, without much trouble.  A religion degree in the 1830s, I think, was the equivalent of a general studies degree.  It often was the degree for those who simply wanted a college education, but weren’t sure of their career future.

But the religion department of Cambridge was full of professors heavily influenced by the fairly recent trend of “higher criticism” of the Bible;  that is, the belief that the Bible was not inspired nor historically accurate.  Nature and its laws were becoming more prominent in the eyes of the educated, leaving less room for the presence of a super-natural God.  Thus Darwin had a poor education in religion, even though it was at Cambridge. Continue Reading...

God’s Miracle Series

by Myckal Morehouse, Pastor of the Stone Tower Adventist Church

In the Fall of 2019, we were gearing up for a great prophecy series scheduled for April of 2020. We had scheduled the Oregon Conference evangelist, we were participating in the Voice of Prophecy national evangelistic campaign, and we had all our funding in place to reach over 100,000 homes in advertising — that’s until a global disaster hit! With Coronavirus sweeping around the world, and cities shutting down across America, our prophecy series was cancelled. We had literally thousands of dollars in brochures that were printed and sitting in a warehouse that we were unable to use, and unable to get a refund for! We wondered together, how could God use what little we had left in our budget, in the midst of global pandemic, to somehow reach our city when no one was allowed out of their homes to attend public events?

But God is bigger than any pandemic, and miracles happen when God’s people face red-sea sized obstacles with faith that God can make a way through. So instead of backing down or shutting down, we decided to press forward and try something innovative, we decided to take a risk! With four weeks to pull it all together, and only one fourth of our remaining budget, we began planning to host a virtual evangelistic series through Zoom, placing our faith in God’s ability to bring people, as He always does.

Opening night we were amazed as
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Unexpected Visit Proves Worth of Drive-In Church

Read this inspiring story about how, despite a lack of indoor church services, the Anchorage Northside Church is still able to minister the community, even reaching those curious and first-time visitors.

A Little Friendliness Goes a Long Way

"My name is "Cindy."  I am no longer in the area, but before I unsubscribe to the mailing list, I want to thank a few people specifically for welcoming me [to the Adventist Community Church of Vancouver] every Sabbath that I attended while I was in Portland. I honestly miss it even though I was only there for a few weeks and only got to speak to a few people.

This is a little embarrassing because I didn't catch hers, but to the tall beautiful lady at the door who always remembered my name and welcomed me by name every Sabbath--you are such a huge reason why I kept coming back. There's something that feels like Jesus when someone knows your name--especially when you hardly know anyone and you're in a new city all alone. Thank you so very much.

To the gentleman who set me up on the mailing list so that I could get the sabbath school links every week and feel up to date, thank you. You made me feel like attending a new church for the first time all alone was the most natural thing in the world; and after that my nervous heart was okay. You gave me a bottle of water and took the time to email me the sabbath school link that morning so that, even though no one was in the church right then and there, I could join in. You are the reason I kept coming back, too.

I've rarely in my life attended church alone. I've always gone with friends or family. I have to admit that it was a conscious decision to push past the awkwardness and loneliness of attending alone--but I knew that as soon as I got 50 feet from the door I would hear a "Good morning, "Cindy!"  Happy Sabbath" and I've never been more excited to get my temperature checked. 

God bless you all,
Never grow weary in well-doing, for "in due season we shall reap if we faint not."

I will always anticipate my next visit." 

In this video, pastors, tech experts, and worship leaders from around the North American Division discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtual worship ministry. You can watch a portion of the conversation here. The North American Division will make the full discussion available soon.
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