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December 3, 2020

WWU Ranks Near Top for Financial Aid

Walla Walla University was ranked 28th of 829 on the list of Best Colleges for Financial Aid in the U.S. WWU was also rated No. 1 in Washington state for overall financial aid, need-based financial aid, non-need based financial aid and international student financial aid.


Eagle River Helps Just in Time

Anchorage's Eagle River Adventist Church had to overcome pandemic challenges to hold a food drive for isolated Arctic Mission Adventure villages. Little did they know how God would use the donations to benefit one remote Alaskan village when they were needed most.


What Is Arctic Mission Adventure?

Imagine spreading God's love in a remote world defined by snow, isolation and wilderness. Providing much-needed outreach in Alaska, Arctic Mission Adventure has become a major part of evangelism in isolated villages. Watch this video to learn more.

Online Sharing: How to Protect Your Ministry

As more elements of ministry shift online due to the continuing pandemic, new challenges arise. Do you know what policies you need to protect your ministry from these risks? Adventist Risk Management shares a few tips to help you safely share your ministry online.


Seasonal Sadness Remedies

The changing of the seasons can bring on more than just a shift in weather — the seasons can also affect our mood. Here are a few ways to help combat the holiday blues.


Triple Spiced Gingersnaps

As the air cools across the Northwest, our thoughts turn toward the cozy comforts of hearth and home. When it comes to heartwarming treats, gingersnaps embody the tastes and smells of the holiday season. With a blend of cloves, ginger and cinnamon, these crunchy, spicy rounds are the perfect treat for a cozy December day.

Bible Readings for December

This month, December, our Northwest Adventists team has put together a list of Bible readings on embracing grace. Subscribe to NWAdventists on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive these daily readings in your news feeds.


Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week
Autumn Meanderings, Vancouver, Washington Credit: Renae Smith
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How to Discuss Race With Teens

Young people today have more opportunities to enter into friendship and relationships with more diverse people than any previous generation. They don't always have the tools to navigate diversity well or interpret it through the eyes of their faith. As ministry leaders, the most important thing we can offer is a listening ear.
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Teens Hungry for Tech Guidance

The information revolution has transformed the way everyone lives — especially the youngest generations. The U.S. childhood and adolescent experience is mediated by screens, both in and outside the home. In light of this, how should teens and their families respond to this life-shaping force?

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